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SAVE the DATE – KAAAC Governors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

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December 8, 2014 at 12:47 pm

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The Hour of Code is here

Hour of Code

Computer programming changed my life. I first programmed games on my graphing calculator as a hobby in 9th grade. That hobby turned into stimulating internships later in high school. That helped me get into and succeed in college. When I graduated in the late 90s, the ability to code that I had honed since high school became one of the key gateways to a rewarding profession. Even Khan Academy wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t been able to write the software in 2005 to make it all work!

Fast forward to 2014, and the importance of coding has only accelerated. Regardless of what career a student chooses, the ability to design and understand software will be be invaluable.

Start the Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is an hour-long introduction to computer programming designed to demystify coding and show students that everyone can learn the basics. At Khan Academy, we’ve crafted several custom-made tutorials for your students that require no prior experience.

Try Hour of Code on Khan Academy!
Hour of Drawing with Code: Students will learn to program using JavaScript, one of the world’s most popular programming languages via two great options:

  • Drag-and-drop: experimental block-based coding for younger students with less-developed typing skills and students on tablet devices (ages 8+).
  • Typing: keyboard-based coding for older students (ages 10+).

Hour of Webpages: Students will learn to make their own webpages using the basics of HTML and CSS (ages 10+).

Hour of Databases: Students will learn the fundamentals of databases using SQL to create tables, insert data into them, and do basic querying (ages 12+).

Last year, 15 million students tried computer programming for at least one hour during Computer Science Education Week on Khan Academy and other platforms.

This year, our goal is to reach 100 million students.

I can’t wait to see what everyone makes!

Founder of Khan Academy and lover of code

PO Box 1630, Mountain View, CA 94042 | Our Privacy Policy

P.S. Even you can code. Spend a few minutes checking out the lessons here.

Join Our Efforts @ Streets University

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December 7, 2014 at 5:45 pm

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Econ Ave Meeting Dec. 9th, 6pm to 8pm – Attached is the Business Class Powerpoint

The last Econ Avenue meeting of the year will be held next week from 6pm to 8pm on Tuesday the 9th of December at the Hilton Garden Inn Reardon Center on 5th and Minnesota in KCK. If you plan to attend, please register on the link below, along with how many individuals you will be coming with. We will continue working on our projects in preparation for launch next year.

Register Here: http://frbkc.custhelp.com/ci/documents/detail/2/econave1209reg

Also, many of you have requested the PowerPoint from the Econ Avenue How to Start a Business or Non-Profit class. I have attached that for you as well.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Dell Gines, MBA, CEcD | Senior Community Development Advisor
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City – Omaha Branch
Office: dell.gines


Econ Ave How to Start Your Business Class.ppt

Kansas Small Business Resource Guide.xlsx

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December 3, 2014 at 12:51 pm

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Business Basics 4 Boomers

Click here to register

Business Basics for Boomers

Answers for Persons 50+ Interested

In Starting a Business

Are you interested in starting a business? Always wanted to be your own boss? Have a concept for a small business? Come learn from business owners who’ve done it, and gain new ideas and tools from business resource representatives to help you get started on a new path.

Date: Friday, December 12, 2014 – 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

Location: Dr. Thomas R. Burke KCKCC Technical Education Center

6565 State Ave, Kansas City, Kansas 66102

Cost: $15 per person/$10 for members of Next Chapter Kansas City, SEEN (Sustainable Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Network), and Prime Time Club


· 8:30 to 9:00 am – Sign in and continental breakfast

Visit booths and talk with business resource representatives

· 9:00 to 10:15 am – Panel of business owners who started a business after the age of 50

Moderator – Charley Vogt, Senior Vice-President

Business/Economic Development, Country Club Bank

o Goin Postal – Joyce Moore, Owner

o drivekansas – Tim Ney, Owner/Operator

o LINKS-IT – Doug Danforth, Founder/CEO

· 10:30 to 11:30 am – Panel of representatives from business resource agencies

Moderator – Patricia Brown-Dixon, Region 7 Administrator

U.S. Small Business Administration

o Kansas Small Business Development Center – Elisa Waldman

o KCSource Link – Kate Pope Hodel

o U. S. Small Business Administration – Debra Ramsey

o Kansas City SCORE – Chapter 19 representative

· 11:30 to 12 noon – Visit booths and talk with business resource representatives

· 12 noon to 1 pm – Lunch with speaker

Mike Peters, LSCSW – Life Coach and Owner, Interaction Coaching

“How to Get Unstuck: Getting Back on Track With Your Passion”

Sponsoring Organizations:

AARP in Kansas City

Kansas City Kansas Community College

Next Chapter Kansas City

Shepherd’s Center of Kansas City, Kansas

Supporting Organization:

Jewish Heritage Foundation

Registration deadline: Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Questions: Email Karen Hostetler at karenh or call Tom Kelso at the KCKCC Workforce Development Office at (913) 288-7644

Click here to register

BusinessBasics4BoomersScheduleinWord 12 2 14.docx

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December 3, 2014 at 8:22 am

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@CourtneyMFK is supporting @ibsaonline for #GivingTuesday

Thank you Courtney from #GlobalGiving for your #unselfie and support for IBSA to aid our mission to build up our youth through technology education. From all of us here at IBSA, We Love You…!

GlobalGiving @GlobalGiving

Another #unselfie from our staff! @CourtneyMFK is supporting @ibsaonline for #GivingTuesday pic.twitter.com/oaFz0qArKX

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December 2, 2014 at 11:00 am

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IBSA @ #GivingTuesday


#GivingTuesday is the day people of goodwill are asked to donate online to help support their favorite nonprofit groups and causes they care about. I support the agency I work for year-round, and here are a few reasons I think you should too!

IBSA, Inc. started back in 1993 and has since been recognized by Mayors and Governors from both sides of the political spectrum for community service, leadership, advocacy, our work with low-income youth, adults, job-series’s, startup business owners, ex-offenders and a few others I am probably forgetting.

Today, there are policies that help advance causes of equity and diversity in hiring, business, education because IBSA is not just one to provide training & services, but also advocacy. Advocacy is that necessary function good organizations do to make things happen when all else fails, to get things done when others remain silent and to get public policy added, deleted or changed for the strength of the public good.Youth Learning & Technology Center in Topeka KS

For many businesses, this is the season they make most of their sales, revenue, profits and for grassroot nonprofits like IBSA, this is also the time of year they seek to get a boost as they leave the old year behind; and plan for next years events, activities, programs and progress.

As one of many worthy groups making positive change in communities I ask for your support to IBSA this year. We are not a traditional agency because ‘tradition’ just seems to move to slow; while problems that could be addressed keeps lingering on. In some instances they just keep getting worse.

But, as the saying goes ‘quitters never win and winners never quit’

List of Needs: 2015

WordPress Theme Upgrade#GivingTuesday You can make a difference on December 2, 2014

PHP Business Directory Upgrade

1-Year Broadband Service

1-Year Office/Classroom Rent

1-Year Office Supplies
(paper, copier/printer ink)

#GivingTuesday Goal: $5,749.00

Most expenses are paid for with funds generated from programs and service fees, or from projects delivered on a fee for service basis. These expenses include utilities, insurance, wages, equipment upgrades, phone service, travel, and other.

I have set my goal to securing at-least $10 from 1,000 friends, family and strangers that feel like investing in me, our organization and those wanting to add their name to a growing list of people that desire common-sense solutions to address pressing community problems. If you know me, you know I’m not one to quit when the going gets tough.

You can make your donation:

online through this weblink,

request a


choose to

Since 1993 IBSA has remained in good standing in the State of Kansas and with our IRS tax-exempt status since 1995. Although $10 may not get you much of a tax-deduction, collectively it will assure we meet our targeted goals in 2015.

Thank you in advance for your support this #GivingTuesday Dec. 2, 2014

To find out how you can support our efforts in ways besides giving, contact us…

Lazone Grays

IBSA, Inc.
629 SE Quincy
Topeka, KS 66603
(785) 422-0761
(913) 735-4272

IRS Tax-Exempt



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November 25, 2014 at 11:39 pm

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State of Kansas Highlighted Jobs

Listed below are some of the State of Kansas highlighted jobs in Shawnee County as of 11/12/14. For a listing of ALL vacancies with the State of Kansas, you can go to our Civil Service Job web site at: http://jobs.ks.gov/.

  • Upcoming Applicant Workshop:
    December 9 – Topeka Workforce Center – 10:00 – 11:30

County Title Agency Req# Closes
Shawnee Planner II Adjutant General 179085 11/21/2014
Shawnee Special Agent Attorney General Attorney General 179171 12/1/2014
Shawnee Special Agent Attorney General Attorney General 179151 11/21/2014
Shawnee Secretary III Attorney General 179152 11/21/2014
Shawnee Attorney B Corporation Commission 178552
Shawnee Senior Administrative Assistant Department of Labor 179107 11/19/2014
Shawnee Administrative Officer Department of Labor 179106 11/19/2014
Shawnee Administrative Assistant Department of Labor 179105 11/19/2014
Shawnee Revenue Customer Rep Spec Department of Revenue 179126 11/17/2014
Shawnee Project Manager Department of Revenue 179149
Shawnee Program Specialist Department of Revenue 179155 11/20/2014
Shawnee Applications Prog/Analyst II Department of Revenue 179124 11/17/2014
Shawnee Social Worker Specialist Dept for Children and Families 179114
Shawnee Database Administrator Dept for Children and Families 179104 12/4/2014
Shawnee Economic Development Rep Dept of Commerce 179131 11/28/2014
Shawnee Lab Improvement Specialist Dept of Health & Environment 179115 11/19/2014
Shawnee Chemist Dept of Health & Environment 179093 11/17/2014
Shawnee Public Information Officer Fire Marshal 179157 11/24/2014
Shawnee Court Program Analyst Judicial Branch 179143 12/8/2014
Shawnee Court Program Analyst Judicial Branch 179142 12/8/2014
Shawnee Network Control Technician I Kansas Bureau of Investigation 179134 11/20/2014
Shawnee Forensic Scientist II Kansas Bureau of Investigation 179141 11/21/2014
Shawnee Librarian I Kansas Historical Society 179111 12/5/2014
Shawnee Historic Preservation Spec II Kansas Historical Society 179119 11/30/2014
Shawnee Juvenile Corrections Officer I Kansas Juvenile Correct. Cmplx 179118 12/31/2014
Shawnee Senior Administrative Specialist Ks Dept for Aging & Disab Svs 179150 11/17/2014
Shawnee Director Legislative Coordinating CncL 179086 11/14/2014
Shawnee Assistant Revisor III Revisor of Statutes 179159 11/21/2014
Shawnee Administrative Assistant Topeka Correctional Facility 179136 11/17/2014
Shawnee Chief Information Tech Architect Department of Administration
* As of 11/12/14
Please see the requisition job description for instructions on how to apply

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November 21, 2014 at 2:31 pm

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