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Get Started Wichita – August 25

Next month, on August 25, Cox Business will be hosting “Get Started Wichita” at the Wichita Boathouse, from 6:00 – 9:00pm.
One lucky, but deserving, local business will walk away with a prize package valued over $17,000 – by pitching their business idea to a panel of 4 distinguished judges.  Sounds like Shark Tank huh?!!
Once the registration period is over, our team will select 5 businesses who will have the opportunity (2.5 minutes) to pitch their idea to the judges the night of the event.  The winner will be chosen that night, also. 
Local businesses/individuals can either register to pitch their idea in hopes of winning the $17,000 prize package or register to attend to network and listen to accomplished leaders in marketing, funding and business development.
This is a free event, but you must register to attend.  If you know of any start-up, small, new, etc. company/individual, please share the website with them and encourage them to register to pitch their idea or plan to attend to network with people who can help them grow their business. 
Note:  any company in the state of KS is eligible to participate in the pitch.
Event website:  www.coxblue.com/getstartedwichita
Get ready for Get Started Wichita!

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Realizing Youth Justice: Advancing Education, Employment, and Youth Empowerment


Last month, CLASP hosted a public forum entitled "Realizing Youth Justice: Advancing Education, Employment, and Youth Empowerment." We have recently posted a video highlighting the event. In addition, we have an archive of the webcast, along with a policy report issued at the forum, and infographics describing the impact of unrealized justice on​ ​
young women of color and young men of color.​

| Facebook | Twitter | YouTube
CLASP • 1200 18th Street NW, Suite 200 • Washington, DC 20036 • p 202 906 8000 • f 202 842 2885

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AN ACT concerning public assistance; relating to recovery of assistance
debt; verification of identity and income; fraud investigations; child
care subsidies; work requirements; lifetime benefit limits; amending
K.S.A. 39-719b and K.S.A. 2015 Supp. 39-702 and 39-709 and
repealing the existing sections.
WHEREAS, The provisions of this act shall be known as the Kansas
hope, opportunity and prosperity for everyone (HOPE) act.
(2) All adults applying for TANF shall be required to complete a
work program assessment as specified by the Kansas department for
children and families, including those who have been disqualified for or
denied TANF due to non-cooperation, drug testing requirements or fraud.
Adults who are not otherwise eligible for TANF, such as ineligible aliens,
relative/non-relative caretakers and adults receiving supplemental security
income are not required to complete the assessment process. During the
application processing period, applicants must complete at least one
module or its equivalent of the work program assessment to be considered
eligible for TANF benefits, unless good cause is found to be exempt from
the requirements. Good cause exemptions shall only include:
(A) The applicant can document an existing certification verifying
completion of the work program assessment;
(B) the applicant has a valid offer of employment or is employed a
minimum of 20 hours a week;
(C) the applicant is a parenting teen without a GED or high school
(D) the applicant is enrolled in job corps;
(E) the applicant is working with a refugee social services agency; or
(F) the applicant has completed the work the last 12 months.
(4) TANF mandatory work program applicants and recipients shall
participate in work components that lead to competitive, integrated
employment. Components are defined by the federal government as being
either primary or secondary. In order to meet federal work participation
requirements, households need to meet at least 30 hours of participation
per week, at least 20 hours of which need to be primary and at least 10
hours may be secondary components in one parent households where the
youngest child is six years of age or older. Participation hours shall be 55
hours in two parent households (35 hours per week if child care is not
used). The maximum assignment is 40 hours per week per individual. For
two parent families to meet the federal work participation rate both parents
must participate in a combined total of 55 hours per week, 50 hours of
which must be in primary components, or one or both parents could be
assigned a combined total of 35 hours per week (30 hours of which must
be primary components) if department for children and families paid child
care is not received by the family. Single parent families with a child under
age six meet the federal participation requirement if the parent is engaged
in work or work activities for at least 20 hours per week in a primary work
The following components meet federal definitions of primary 
hours of participation: Full or part-time employment, apprenticeship, work
study, self-employment, job corps, subsidized employment, work
experience sites, on-the-job training, supervised community service,
vocational education, job search and job readiness.
Secondary components include: Job skills training, education directly related to employment such as adult basic education and English as a second language, and completionof a high school diploma or GED.

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Topeka Police Department is Currently Accepting Applications for Citizen’s Academy

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State of Kansas STAR Employee Discount Program: New and Limited Time Offers

New Offers!

4R Construction Company LLC: Located in Scranton, 4R Construction Company LLC is offering $100 off any project over $1,000; excluding materials. Must present discount offer at time of estimate; cannot be combined with any other offer. 4R Construction Company LLC offers Roof Repair and Replacement, Home Rehabbing, Remodeling, Siding, Windows, Doors, Interior and Exterior Painting, Sheetrock Installation/Replacement, Aging In Place Improvements, Accessibility Ramps and Decks. We are licensed, insured and local.

Baker University: Baker University is offering the following discounts for State of Kansas employees: 20% tuition discount for programs at the School of Professional and Graduate Studies, 10% tuition discount for masters programs at the Graduate School of Education, 10% tuition discount for the masters programs at the School of Nursing and a $2,000 annual scholarship at the College of Arts and Sciences and the Undergraduate School of Education. The $2,000 annual scholarship is also available for State employee’s dependents. These offers expire June 2, 2017 and will be reviewed to determine a continuation at that time. These tuition discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs are again offering State of Kansas employees discount tickets this upcoming season. Coming off three winning seasons in a row, the Chiefs will make their 2016 regular season debut on Sunday, September 11th vs. the San Diego Chargers! The Chiefs are teaming up with the State of Kansas again to offer employees a chance to be part of the Sea of Red! To order individual game tickets, view the Chiefs STAR ad. You will find a link and Promo Code as well as a contact name, number and e-mail address if you have questions.

Kansas City Renaissance Festival: Travel back in time and partake in a Kansas City Tradition since 1977. Thrill to the exploits of the Jousting Knights on thundering steeds, roam the village shops for unique crafts, delight in the comedy, music, magic and more on our 20 stages of non-stop entertainment, and feast on delicious food and drinks from the far reaches of the globe. There is something for the whole family in our enchanted 16-acre village. Join us in our 40th Anniversary as we celebrate 40 years of Huzzah & Cheers! Open Weekends September 3rd – October 16th Plus Labor Day and Columbus Day. When ordering using the link and password listed in the KC Renaissance Festival STAR ad, the prices are $18.00/adult (Regular on-line price is $18.95) and $11.00/child (Regular on-line price is $11.45). The discounted STAR rate is not available at the Gate. NOTE: Festival Gate Prices are $21.95 Adult $12.95 Child (5-12 yrs.).

Limited Time Offers!

Quicken Loans: Through the month of July, take advantage of the great benefits for State of Kansas Associates! Make the most of these amazing benefits all month long: $500* cash back PLUS a free appraisal*, Complimentary mortgage review to compare your mortgage options, and VIP treatment from a dedicated team of home loan experts at Quicken Loans. Don’t miss the informative webinar we are providing for you on July 27th! Tune in to learn the ins and outs of purchasing a home. You can easily register for this free webinar here! To begin your VIP experience visit VIP.QuickenLoans.com/KansasStaror call (888) 900-0298 to speak with a home loan expert today! *See website for details. Offers valid on new applications only.

Worlds of fun: Note: This is a limited time offer: 7/17/16 (not before) – 7/20/16 only and the specifics are not listed on the STAR ad at the time this e-mail is being sent. For a limited time, your promo code will provide an exclusive savings for a BEAT THE HEAT ticket special. Buy tickets at $29.99 plus tax each! The usual State of Kansas price is $36.99 plus tax. Sale price (ticket option) will be active 7/17/16 through 7/20/16 only. Visit the park any one day 7/21/16 through 9/5/16. You must use promo code ksemp16 to receive the special savings and extended use dates. You must use the special ticket link below to receive the special savings and extended use dates. Special Ticket Link: https://cf-wf.secure.accesso.com/embed/store.php?merchant_id=3118&emerchant_id=1300 Username: KS Employees; Password: ksemp16.

Additional Information:

The STAR program offers discounts to many businesses, including Computervendors,such as Apple and Dell and Cellular Phone vendors, such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

There are many other offers listed on the STAR website: http://oitsapps.ks.gov/da/ops/star/. Please review the specifics and the restrictions for these offers at the STAR website. Be sure to compare the STAR discount to other non-STAR discounts to ensure you are getting the best discount.

Personnel Directors: Consider forwarding this e-mail to your employees as we’d like you to remind them there are many discounts available to State of Kansas employees through the STAR program (http://oitsapps.ks.gov/da/ops/star/). If there is an attachment to this e-mail, be sure to include the attachment(s) when you forward this e-mail.

Subscribers outside of the Northeast Kansas area: We need your help! Most of the recent STAR vendors are from the Northeast Kansas area. If you are receiving this e-mail and live or work in another region of the State, please visit with your local retailers and encourage them to apply as we’d like to see more vendors in other areas of the State.

Current Subscribers: Let your coworkers know they too can get e-mails from STAR if they sign up here: http://www.da.ks.gov/star/signup.asp.

STAR Program, Office of Personnel Services

Kansas Department of Administration

900 SW Jackson, Room 401-N | Topeka, KS 66612


star | www.da.ks.gov/star/

Follow Us: facebook.com/KSDofA | twitter.com/KSDofA

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Frito-Lay is Hiring

Good Afternoon,

I am reaching out to various communities and community leaders to spread the word about the great jobs at Frito-Lay right here in Topeka.

Do you know someone who is looking for work?

We’re currently hiring for the following positions:
* Fleet Mechanics
* Maintenance Mechanics
* Packaging Machine Operators
* Processing Operators

* Warehouse/Material Handlers (Part Time or Temporary)

We offer excellent benefits:

* Competitive Compensation Package
* Growth Opportunity

* Excellent Medical, Dental, Vision Benefits

* Retirement Savings – Pension / 401K

Can you help us spread the word?

I’ve attached a job flyer if you could please post?

We do appreciate your help!

Thank You,

Becky Hagan
Talent Acquisition
Flyer – Topeka [Compatibility Mode].pdf

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Kwanza Economic Empowerment & Inclusion Fund

The Kwanza Economic Empowerment & Inclusion Fund is a vehicle for growing an economic base of revenue that can aid and assist the good work offered by local nonprofits managed by Americans of African Descent. By tapping into the collective spending; and giving of other Black professionals, entrepreneurs, single parents, concerned citizens across ethnicity; and even youth, it is possible to use the collective spending of each segment to fund many great programs, projects and services they employ to make our lives, neighborhoods & communities much better.

Kwanza Fund Front


The Kwanza Fund will receive donations and other financial supports in a transparent fashion; and guided by practices that assure accountability of all funds received and granted out to organizations. Beyond just receiving and dishing out grant funds, time and efforts is spent developing smaller nonprofits into becoming more efficient providers of services, programs or training in our city.

The Kwanza Fund will support local projects and programs by nonprofits that provide viable employment & training opportunity; to help them purchase commercial property for training; to help make the Internet relevant and beneficial for new users; and to increase people’s digital skills.

Kwanza Fund Details

Grant Restrictions and Requirements: 

Eligible applicants must:

  • Be a 501(c)(3) public charities performing work within the City of Topeka & Shawnee County Kansas, and in Good Standing with the Kansas Secretary of State Office.
  • Agree to participate in external evaluation to measure impact of the project/program
  • Agree to provide quarterly, mid-year and a year-end report (video included)
  • Nonprofit agency cannot be established for partisan, fraternal or  be religious in nature or formation

By working with for-profit companies to establish win/win  opportunities, we can go well beyond just relying on grants and contributions to fund programs & projects we know have value. Thanks to our 1st Sustainability PartnerRewards Wireless,  we have taken up an opportunity that allows the raising of funds, that can in-turn be allotted as grants to nonprofits working on community building and uplifting lives.

Sustainability Partner

Rewards Wireless - Kwanza Fund Sustainability Partner



Inquiries Regarding the Fund:

Dave Fowler
(Fund Escrow Account)

Lazone Grays Jr
(Public & Media Relations)


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