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Streets University
A Youth Enterprise Development Initiative

Streets University is not affiliated with any accredited educational institution, governing body or government agency. Courses are not approved for any federal loans.

What we do is give youth that are ‘go-getters’ some freedom to work when they please, earn not just minimum wage, but an income directly related to the amount of work and effort they are willing to put in.
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(913) 735-4272



IBSA prepares low-income adults to enter the workforce, provides community service for youth offenders and helps small startup businesses.

FEIN: 481137236

Streets University - The Base of Unity

Creating Opportunity

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Visual Majesty Videography & Photography

LogoI’m a shutterbug who lives to capture life’s most beautiful moments. I’m inspired by the uniqueness of people and have a talent for capturing their essence on film.

Whether it’s a school event, family reunion, pet portraits, or wedding videos or photos, I want to be the videographer & photographer you always call on.

I have experience with video advertising, family portraits, commercial photography, and a vast array of other genres and situations.

Video Marketing:

Our goal is to help other companies achieve a higher level of success.  Video Marketing can play a major role in reaching this goal.

Product Photography

Do you need quality photographs of your products to show on your website or other marketing material?  At Visual Majesty Videography & Photography, LLC we offer experienced professional photography to make your product look the best.

Photography: Senior Portraits, Personalized Senior Videos


At Visual Majesty, our mission is to provide you the best in your portraits.  This includes shooting on location or in the studio, touching up the photos, using background replacements on some photos to enhance the look or to make it look like you were in some exotic location.

Owner: David Beuthien, President

Taking Your Business to a Higher Level of Success!

Member of Midwest Barter Exchange

Topeka Tradebank

Member of Tradebank Topeka

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Unified School District 501: Jardine Middle School – Bid Package No. 1

Construction Contractors…

Attached you will find the Invitation to Bid on Jardine Middle School
Bid Package No. 1 Sitework, Foundation, and Structural Steel for your review.

Tammy L. Shaw | Project Assistant
785-217-7880 Direct​ ​
| 785-273-1037 Fax | 785-273-3880 Office
3501 SW Fairlawn Road
Topeka, KS 66614
Email: ​
Website​ ​
Follow us on Twitter​
https://twitter.com/McPhersonGC and
LinkedIn​ ​

Bid Invitation Bid Package No. 1 Jardine.pdf

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AmeriCorps VISTA Internships with the Unified Government

We are excited to report that the Mayor’s Office – in collaboration with Healthy Communities Wyandotte and Livable Neighborhoods – has been awarded 5 AmeriCorps VISTA positions to join us for a year of service. This will be the second year of the program and we are sad to soon say goodbye to Jasmine, Meredith, and Danielle, our first year members. They have worked hard to increase health coverage, promote the 12345 Fit-Tastic! message, expand access to healthy foods, and advance the vision of the Healthy Campus.
The new VISTA members will build on their impressive accomplishments. VISTA is a national program designed with the mission of bringing individuals and communities out of poverty. VISTA members receive a modest monthly stipend, health benefits, and in this case, an opportunity to serve Wyandotte County residents on the path towards better health and prosperity. These are one-year positions that begin in November and the application deadline is September 8 at 8:00am. Please send these links to people you know who would be interested!

Mayor’s Health Outreach Coordinator

Healthy Food Access Advocate

Healthy Lifestyles Initiative Coordinator

Health Equity Mobilizer

Home Repair Coalition Coordinator

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Job Posting to Support HUD’s ConnectHome Initiative

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has posted a job opportunity that will help fulfill a very important role in the Secretary’s priority initiative to extend high speed broadband access to students and their families living in HUD-assisted housing. Called ConnectHome<http ://connecthome . hud . gov/>, this initiative will provide broadband, technical training, digital literacy programs, and devices for residents in assisted housing in 28 communities across the country. The position will be located in Public and Indian Housing (PIH) within the Office of Public Housing Investments (OPHI) at HUD Headquarters in Washington, DC. For this position we are seeking a highly-motivated individual with critical experience in the implementation of initiatives promoting broadband availability, such as digital cities initiatives, connected communities, and related or similar activities providing and/or facilitating assistance in low income communities and/or housing developments. The candidate should also have substantial experience in the area of public private partnerships and in outreach and coordination with non-profits, Internet service providers and other businesses, foundations and/or philanthropic organizations.

You can read more about the recent announcement and the mission at the following links:

http ://portal . hud . gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/press/press_releases_media_advisories/2015/HUDNo_15-090

https://www . whitehouse . gov/the-press-office/2015/07/15/fact-sheet-connecthome-coming-together-ensure-digital-opportunity-all

https://www . publicknowledge . org/press-release/public-knowledge-commends-president-obama-secretary-castro-for-connecthome-broadband-initiative

The job announcement can be accessed at the following link:

External announcement for U.S. citizens; no prior Federal experience is required:

https://www . usajobs . gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/412942000

The advertisement is open until Thursday, August 27th.

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The time for more talk is over… Action speaks louder than words…

Posted: August 23, 2015

Streets University is not ‘the’ solution to end all that is wrong with Black youth unemployment, but one organizations effort to start a break down of some of the most pressing elements that perpetuates poverty among them. With over 20% of Black youth on average being unemployed (earning no income) and in some large metropolitan cities this number is over 60%, the time for ‘real talk’ is necessary and real action, real solutions is an imperative.

The internet, airwaves, television and radio have more than enough people talking about it, scholars have analyzed it, and many are saying what needs to be done in the homes, community and within government to deal with, address or solve this compounding dilemma. What is not clear is ‘how can we reduce Black youth unemployment? What is a solid starting point to begin? Which programs hold the best promise to bring income to their pockets; while instilling in them the values, soft-skills and character they will need to effectively compete in a tough world?

A strong program, initiative or whatever we want to call it must be based off of a sound methodology that can be reviewed, vetted and one which answers some tough questions to a highly inquisitive; and skeptical crowd. Forget fancy slogans, fiery rhetoric or complicated jargon… With many many decade of talk, inaction and wishful (hopeful) thinking, there is no more time to just point fingers; or avoiding the fingers pointing right back at us for our failure to act in a collective manner that lifts our youth and propels them towards a positive future.

For solid initiatives to take root in the fabric of this nation, it will require collaboration, cooperation and a concentrated effort among those ready, willing and able to serve. Our organization doesn’t purport to provide a silver-bullet to a problem that has taken decades to produce, but we are offering something; when little else that’s viable is being offered, as an alternative to doing nothing and/or just talking about it. To us, solutions require more than just programs that teach soft-skills or how to be an ‘entrepreneur’, it requires a plan that puts dollars into the pocket of our young people and common sense into their minds; without compromising their pathway to a life of integrity or character. To this end, the most important factor in our Streets U initiative is that we provide the product, technical training and instruction to make the product, and a real opportunity to earn an income for getting the product into the market for those that can benefit the most.

We are not actively working to compete with other youth-based programs that can effect economic empowerment of our young people, but endeavor to work as a companion and in mutual respect to other existing programs. Often, what we propose is seen as ‘competition’ which leads to those fearful of competition bad-mouthing or working to delay the service, products and solution we offer. This type of mentality and the inaction that ensues is not in anyone’s interest; especially if we are serious about addressing this pandemic problem faced by our youth and young adults. Often we cannot get to the cooperation needed to initiate solid programs that are ready to roll because the ‘other organization’ has their own program & agenda that they want to initiate, knowing well that they do not have all of the components in place to really get what they have off the ground and into the marketplace. In essence, those we have reached out to are not willing to partner-up, move forward and work in unity; until they get their program up and running. We can never make progress like this, so in the end our youth and their future remains in limbo.

The time has come to stop making that which is practical, into something complex and in need for further debate, discussion and complicated pontification. It is time to stop delaying progress because of personal egos and ownership issues. It is time to stop talking-the-talk and past time to start walking-the-walk.

I have proposed a ‘shark tank‘ approach for nonprofit programs whereas different organizations pitch their youth employment, entrepreneurial or enterprise programs to those wanting to invest in what can deliver the best results (increased income and/or employment opportunity) for Black youth. Instead of hearing ‘the good spiel’, delivering fancy PowerPoints or giving the mic only to folks with big degrees and nice titles… a group must be able to backup their claim by the numbers and in a methodical, intelligent and coherent way. They must show the goods that are easy to follow and understand.

Those programs that take the least amount to startup, provide the best structural pathway and show the amount of earned income that will be pumped into the pockets of our young people should be supported, and then we can move on to the next. Programs that can effectively deliver multiple components i.e. increasing soft-skills, practical use & understanding of technology, increased proficiency in math, reading & writing, honing a better understanding of business, economics and industry (including global) should receive the highest priority in being supported…

Since our various organizations can’t seem to play together as a collective unit of one in the sandbox, then let the real competition begin to weed out the real from the fake, the live from the memorex. The time for talk is over… put up or shut up!

For more information on partnership email us at info or visit streetsuniversity.org on the web to learn more about our program initiative. (Serious Inquiries Only)


"While 16.4 percent of white teens lacked jobs, nearly twice that number – 29.7 percent – of black teens were unemployed, as were 22.1 percent of Hispanic youth"


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Kansas Department of Transportation’s Surplus Property Catalog

The Kansas Department of Transportation will be partnering with the State auctioneer to host an auction on Tuesday, October 27th. Attached you will find a list of available property to purchase by all Federal Constituents for a period of 30 days starting today. If there is interest in a piece of property, please contact Robin Schreiner at (785) 296-7046 or at robins@ksdot.org.

Note: This information is available in alternative accessible formats. To obtain an alternative format, contact Transportation Information, Eisenhower building, 700 S.W. Harrison, 2nd floor, West building, Topeka, KS 66603-3745 or (785) 296-3585 (Voice)/Hearing Impaired – 711.

Thank you,

Robin Schreiner, Asset Manager
KDOT – Bureau of Support Services
Headquarters’ Surplus Property Unit
Desk: (785) 296-7046
Stockroom: (785) 296-3448 (1:30 to 3:30 p.m.)
Fax: (785) 296-6309
E-mail: robins@ksdot.org
Item 37_KDOT Surplus Catalog_08-24-15.pdf

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