The Art of Networking

There is an Art to Networking to make your business profitable. Some business owners build their businesses only through networking. They plan their networking activities by looking for opportunities. First, establish personal and business goals.

1. To establish your goals know your customers. Are they low value customers or high value?

-Low Value Customers are those people that don’t buy from you often, or have trouble paying for your type of product or service. These people can’t really help you build your business on a regular consistent basis.
-High Value Customers are those people who have the income to purchase your product and or service. They are constant in their purchasing power. These people can help you get to where you want to go in business. High impact (value) customers can also help you through good solid referrals.

2. You need to establish a detailed marketing plan and a detailed Networking Plan.

3. Build relationships with your customers.

4. Go where your High value customers go. Go where they shop, go for their leisure activities, know where to find your High value customers.

5. Seek new opportunities daily and weekly.
-Strategize your networking activities to allow for more opportunities.
-Create a networking schedule.

6. Volunteer where you can gain some exposure and be of benefit to the organization.

7. Give out 10 business cards per day. Give each client or person you meet at least 3 business cards per contact.

8. Leave business cards where ever you go.

One of the main purpose of a networking organization is to gain customers from other members. A networking group is a very effective way to market a business when there is a high competition for the same customers. Networking groups are great for CPA’s, Printers, Massage therapist, and MLM’s/Network Marketers.
It’s amazing how many business owners still don’t know about leads groups. Networking is effective for service businesses, new or unusual businesses, home-based businesses especially, and those businesses that lack funds to engage in serious marketing programs.


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