Fw: Why is Tavis Smiling and Why Are We Watching?

By Leutisha Stills

“Every year, radio/tv commentator Tavis Smiley holds a forum that brings together “the best and the brightest” African-Americans from academia, political, economic and health care, to hold panel discussions on what’s wrong with Black America, and how we Black Americans should go about fixing it.

This is a good gesture, if we truly believe it will bear positive fruit in the lives of African-Americans, to the point of where we will actually be motivated to take action to improve and take back the communities that serve to develop and nurture us. I cling to that hope, for in many instances, the hope of a better future is all we, as African-Americans, have left to sustain us……..”


  • Leutisha Stills is a member of the faculty administration at George Mason University, in Fairfax, Virginia


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