The Plight of the African American Male

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BLACK ENTERPRISE is searching for solutions … share yours “One of the most alarming trends threatening the economic stability and wealth-building capacity of African Americans is the declining presence of black men on our nation’s college campuses,” wrote BLACK ENTERPRISE Chairman and Publisher Earl G. Graves Sr. in the January 2006 issue of BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine.“The result of this trend is as disturbing as it is predictable,” he wrote. “The price we pay as African Americans is enormous—measured in everything from unemployment and poverty to rates of incarceration—and amounts to a significant and unacceptable diminution in our capacity to build sustainable wealth.”As part of our ongoing commitment to providing information and tools to help African Americans build wealth and live better lives, this year’s BLACK ENTERPRISE Board of Economists will examine the lost potential of African American males. We hope to analyze the cost of high unemployment, underemployment, high prison rates and the loss of potential income among African American males to the United States and the black community.Full story at