In America’s Melting Pot, Blacks are the only ones melting. — June 2006
By James Clingman Jr.

What will it take for Black people to stand up against centuries of unfairness and mistreatment? I know we’re tough and can take a lot of abuse, but c’mon brothers and sisters, we don’t have to continue proving our toughness by submitting to and even participating in the destruction of our own people. Where is Chancellor Williams when we need him most? Have we not been hurt severely enough? Are we still waiting for the crucial blow that will finally make us fight back? Well, the longer we wait the less effective we become, and the smaller and more insignificant we become as well.

This melting pot thing has definitely played us for chumps. Every other group is doing its thing by building wealth for themselves. Black people are busy melting away, soon to become invisible and a “non-people” as Albert Cleage told us we would become if we continued down the yellow brick road of social integration without an economic foundation.

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