Business Benefits

Core Business Network Benefits:

1. Promotion of your business via print, email and Internet marketing to:
a) other Black professionals
b) other Black business owners
c) local media: newspapers and other free press (PRWeb, Public Service Announcements)
d) government & corporate purchasing agents

2. Registry of your business on 5 business online directories
3. Listing in our Web directory; with link to your existing web address
5. Receive email alerts on different community and networking events
5. Receive online business development and marketing advice via email
6. Referral to other online networking groups and opportunities

*Only requirement is that we request you provide some type of discount on purchases as an incentive for other cardholders to visit and shop with your business!

Someone will contact you to get your business profile information, but you will need to email us your photo or banner,
and website address to link to.

If you don’t have an Internet homepage, we can help you with that too!


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