Mini-Sites – Highly Targeted Sales Generators

Mini-Sites – Highly Targeted Sales Generators

If you’re looking for a highly effective method of increasing your Internet sales, then mini-sites may be your answer. Mini-sites are one of the most effective marketing tools online. Not only are they effective, but they’re also very inexpensive and easy to create.

The concept is simple. Create a one or two page website that completely focuses on one specific product or service. Everything within that page should have one purpose — getting the visitor to take action. This page should be neatly designed in standard HTML with no Flash or fancy plug-ins and very few graphics. There should be no banners or outside links of any kind and nothing that will distract your visitor’s attention.

The sole purpose of a mini-site is to attract highly targeted traffic to your website. The more targeted the better. For example, if you have a website that sells a number of products, a good mini-site would focus on one specific product instead of all of the products. You could create a mini-site for each product you offer.

Designing A Mini-Site

Each mini-site you create should be optimized for that one specific product or service. Concentrate on just a few keyword phrases, as this will help you to tighten your targeting. Remember … the tighter the targeting the better.

Killer Internet Marketing Strategies

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