Blogging: The Web Alternative

Have you heard about ‘blogs’ but really don’t know what they are? Is blogging a foreign concept to you and your business? Are you unsure how blogging can help your business or organization?  Well, don’t feel like the lone stranger.
Blogging has taken on a life of its own and is now a very useful tool a business can use to establish an effective web presence in a non-traditional way. Blogs allow for the owner/moderator to setup a place on the net whereas they have a great deal of control over the content and frequency of new content. You can even email your post to your blog and they will automatically be categorized in an archive, you can use pictures and html codes, it is very search friendly, and with new technology, you can now add podcasts, video and audio for free. In addition, you can invite other trusted writers and researchers to provide you content for your post either directly or through moderated posting.
With a blog you can also feed the articles to your existing website as ‘xml’ or ‘RSS’ so that visitors to your site can click on a title and go and read your articles. If you are in a network of businesses, clubs or associations, others can also feed your articles into their website.
Blogs can be used for those who research, retail businesses, organizations and clubs,
2. Get a domain name
3. Set it up to redirect to your blog.
(so if you type in, it will redirect straight to your blog)
4. Post as often as you like, Invite other authors to post to your site, Add Audio/Video!
Cut web-hosting fees and the cost to pay a webmaster to update and refresh information to your site on an ongoing basis
You can see an example of how we are experimenting with blogs and xml feeds at our website:
*A podcast is rich media, such as audio or video, distributed via RSS.
Want to set up a blog?
Want to feed your blog to a website?

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