Unity Mentoring Program

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Unity Mentoring ProgramMentoring
Join the Unity Mentoring Program to offer character assistance to other.

The Afromerica Mentoring program is easy to get involved with. If you are a single mother and know that you could use some assistance in raising your Black son or daughter, please do not be reluctant to sign up for assistance.

Many brothers and sister would be glad to help in any way possible, especially where advice is concerned. Good advice comes from experience and there are thousands of us who have a lot of that.

If you know of any neighbor or family member that has a child that needs attention, please sign them up so we can match them with a mentor. Remember that it takes a village.


Apprentices (1)
Young Black brothers and sisters seeking counsel.
Counselors (2)
Available counselors willing to mentor a Black youth.
Family Programs (1)
Families involved in apprenticeship and as counselors to other families.
Family Programs
Information (4)
Instructions on program and how to get started.