The Black Hair Care Tragicomedy

By James Clingman Jr.

The saddest part about this issue is the fact that we could see this one coming. Now that it has hit its mark, right between our eyes, maybe the pain will be severe enough not only to get our attention but also to hold our attention long enough for us to rally our forces and fight back. The Black Hair Care Industry (BHCI) has, once again, become a hot topic among folks other than Koreans.

Now that an investigative documentary has been produced about the industry, obviously shocking Black people once again, maybe some of us will resolve to do something to reclaim at least a portion of that vertical market. After all, the last time I checked, no one is using Black hair care products except Black folks.

The documentary discloses information, none of which was news to BHCI insiders, about the ownership of stores and distribution of hair products sought and bought by Black people. The main point of the report centered on the fact that Koreans own and control, and I do mean control, the overwhelming majority of the distribution and sale of Black hair care products, which includes shampoos, conditioners, oils and creams, and those fashionable hairpieces our sisters love to wear.


View all of Aron Ranen’s documentary on Black Hair Care Industry. If you would like to support his effort you can visit and purchase the full Documentary DVD for $19.95.


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