Computer Technology Center Start-Up Manual

CTC Start-Up Manual

First published in 1997, the CTC Center Start-Up Manual is widely recognized as a principal guide for establishing CTCs and serves as an organized patchwork of CTC experiences. Toni Stone, founder of CTCNet, was principal author of previous editions of the Manual. With support from the Surdna Foundation, the manual was updated in January 2003 to reflect developing CTC experiences and needs.

Visit the CTC Resource Center for a wide array of templates, best practices, and forms currently used in the field.

Table of Contents


How to Use This Manual

Chapter One: Timeline and Process

Chapter Two: Mapping Community Resources

Chapter Three: Determining Program Focus

Chapter Four: Staffing

Chapter Five: Software Selection and Criteria

Chapter Six: Space, Hardware, and Security

Chapter Seven: Scheduling, Outreach, and Self-Assessment

Chapter Eight: Budgeting and Funding

Chapter Nine: Preparing a Business Plan

You also may download/print the entire document

To order a printed copy of this manual, please send a $25 check made out to CTCNet to:
CTCNet1436 U Street, NW – Suite 104
Washington, DC 20009


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