Identity Theft: Not Just Credit Card Fraud

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Identity Theft:
Most people rely on their credit card companies to deal with fraudulent charges on their credit card. However, fraud on the credit card is just the beginning tip of the iceberg. Customers soon discover that they can not ‘dispute’ all charges and problems may linger for years as they need to fend off companies taking them to court.

As soon as you discover that your credit card is used fraudulently:

  • Contact the credit card company immediately, and have them fax you all the authorizations that were done on that card, and the merchant contact information for those charges.
  • Contact each of the merchants so that they will stop the order (if possible), and alert the local authorities of the ShipTo address.
  • Ask the merchants, where the merchandise is being shipped to, and YOU telephone the local authorities too. Afterall, you do not want your information being reused months later.
  • Request that the card company issue you a new card with a different CC number. (Disputing a charge but keeping the same card # is very bad)
  • Reflect on where your credit card was used.
  • The numbers could have been gathered months before. Interestingly, most of the victims that we spoke with have never used a computer.

    Fraud on your credit card, is usually just the beginning or symptom that your identity is known and being used by criminals.

    If someone has used your personal identification to fraudulently estabilish credit, report the incident as quickly as possible to each of the credit reporting agencies and request that a fraud alert be placed on your file.

  • Experian ph# 888-397-3742
  • Equifax ph# 800-525-6285
  • Trans Union ph# 800-680-7289

  • Obtain a cop of your credit report from each of the credit reporting agencies. Check to see whether any additional accounts were opened without your consent or whether unauthorized charges were billed to your accounts. To request copies of your credit reports call:

  • Experian ph# 888-397-3742
  • Equifax ph# 800-685-1111
  • Trans Union ph# 800-916-8800

  • Additional Tasks:

  • Contact the Social Security Administration’s Fraud Hotline at 800-269-0271 to report the unauthorized use of your personal identification information.
  • Contact your State Department of Motor Vehicles to see whether the Deptartment has issued and unauthorized license number in your name. If so, notify them you are a victim of identity theft.
  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by contacting the FTC’s Identity Theft Hotline by telephone: 1-877-IDTHEFT (TDD: 202-326-2502); by mail: Identity Theft Clearinghouse, Federal Trade Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20580-0001 or online at: .
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