We Are Looking for Foreign or local companies interested in partnering

“We are implementing a major strategic initiative aimed at regenerating America’s inner cities, areas devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and attracting positive investment.

A successful comprehensive strategy for reconstruction after a major disaster must have as its catalyst an organized private sector initiative composed of local residents and the communities leaders, Small and Medium-sized Business Enterprises (SMBE’s. They must be empowered so they can participate in government and privately funded construction contracts and programs.

To create synergistic relationships and empower Community Development Corporations, Community Grassroots Organizations, Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs), Small and Medium-sized Business Enterprises (SMBE’s), construction, architectural and engineering firms and companies that come on board and joint venture with us to be able to procure and participate in the government and private sector funded Gulf Coast reconstruction contracts and inner-city community development programs.

Immediate focus is on residential and related commercial construction not only in the Gulf Coast region but in inner-cities around the country. These efforts are spearheaded by our PeaceZone.net Community member company, www.AmoroCorp.com Amoro Corporation is an African American owned company, whose founder and CEO Ephren W. Taylor II is considered a “high-performance visionary with the ability to make things happen, when nobody else can.

Amoro Corporation is a publicly-held investment development group dedicated to Empowering Communities with Socially Conscious Development. Amoro Corp has extensive expertise and focuses on creating affordable housing, especially in urban environments. PeaceZone.net’s technology provides the added ability to integrate information and computer technology platforms into development projects and create wired communities.

The AmoroCorp team assembled by its CEO include, IBSA, ENUF, and the www.PeaceZone.net Biz Zone and its information communication technology (ICT) base represent over 275 years of expertise in construction project marketing, management & development, accounting, legal & business consulting, information technology, software development, and other key areas in training and certification.

Amoro brings to the table a proven track record of having worked closely with Economic Development Groups and Community Development Corporations across America creating successful commercial and residential development and redevelopment programs that have fulfilled client communities needs and objectives. Amoro Corp is capable, under the right circumstances, to lend a publicly traded instrument to a proposed joint venture allowing an easier raise of capital and the securing of a project’s bonding requirements.

We present an African American group with the master plan for a private sector initiated reconstruction effort based on grassroots contacts and our unique understanding of the internal social and economic dynamics of the inner-cities of America and the Gulf Coast cities devastated by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Our group’s resources and local market business intelligence can be leveraged for the benefit of contract procurement, implementation, and operations and management. We eliminate the guesswork and can source real-time strategic data on which to base responses to RFPs, RFAs. Teaming and empowered with qualified national or international joint venture partners we can procure and undertake major US government funded (IDIQ) Indefinite Deliver and Indefinite Quantity Contracts related to Katrina disaster reconstruction projects.

Foreign or local companies interested in partnering with our group on contracts already signed and to know about opportunities we have in the pipeline contact:

Dr. F. A. Young, Esq., Special Advisor to the Chairman of Amoro Corp &
Executive Director, PeaceZone.net & Biz Zone


Any initiative to rebuild the infrastructure of the US Gulf Coast cities hit by Katrina and revive the private business sectors must include the empowerment of the communities residents so they can participate in the rebuilding of their homes and their businesses with dignity.

Dr. F. A. Young, Esq., Perspectives from the PeaceZone.N

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