MokanKennels / K-9 Obedience Training Center

K-9 Obedience Training Center Philosophy

K-9 Obedience Training Center teaches obedience training through food motivation. Intimidation of your dog is NOT part of our training philosophy. Out goal is to positively motivate your dog, instill confidence, and allow your dog’s personality to flourish. There are times during obedience training when your dog will make mistakes and need to be corrected. Properly correcting your dog is extremely important. You must remember that correcting your dog’s behavior during obedience training is part of positive reinforcement for your dog. After making a correction, always welcome your dog back with praise and/or a food treat.


K-9 Training Demonstration

This is a demonstration video where we are working with police dogs on takedowns and bitework. Notice the movements of the handler to engage and retract the animal and how well it responds to commands.

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K-9 Training Demonstration

In this video we demonstrate how the combination of obedience training and protection work make for a responsive animal.

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