Black Groups Respond to Need for New Black Leadership

New Black Leadership

released on 10/26/06 at 16:27:36

Cincinnati ( — The Open Letter to Black America has gained the attention and support of several groups and individuals across the country. The Letter contends that some prominent Black leaders are “mis-leading” rather than providing authentic leadership that moves Black people to “self-sufficiency and competitiveness.”

It points out, “Leaders not only examine issues and point out inherent problems; they also craft solutions and lead by example. [Some] nationally prominent Black leaders and organizations have actually abandoned the specific needs of Black people.” Because of the pervasiveness of this kind of mis-leadership, the groups are proposing a new cadre of leaders, both young and “seasoned,” to take the reins and do what must be done, unapologetically, to achieve Black empowerment. They also agree that the responsibility to save Black people rests with Black people, and that Black people must be their own first line of defense.

To that end, on December 9, 2006 a meeting will be held in the city called “ground zero” by former NAACP President, Kweisi Mfume: Cincinnati, Ohio. Hosted by nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, Jim Clingman, in conjunction with radio talk show legend, Bob Law, and Florida Educator, Amefika Geuka, the meeting will include men and women from across the country.

“This meeting is quite timely,” said Clingman, a native Cincinnatian. “Despite our local NAACP Chapter President saying she would be ‘ashamed’ if their convention were held in Cincinnati, Ohio, a city where ‘our leadership does not respect African Americans,’ the NAACP recently agreed to hold its multi-million dollar national convention here. This city has seen five Black men killed unjustifiably by police, and it supports and promotes ‘economic apartheid’ against Black people,” Clingman continued. “If this isn’t a case of financing our own oppression, I don’t know what is. Yes, Black people really do need new leadership”

Bob Law, the Dean of Black Talk Radio, said, “Once again white power brokers are about the business of selecting Blacks to mislead Blacks and reassure whites that those suffering at the underclass do so by choice. We say no more foolishness from anyone. Enough is enough, it is time for authentic Black leadership to step quickly to the front and let God use them.”

For more information on Bring Back Black, or to obtain a copy of the Open Letter to Black America, call 513 489 4132 or 561 689 1536


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