Mentorship Portal

Subject: Mentorship Portal
If you have a passion to help other business owners by providing them information, insight and know-how,,, we found a classroom type portal on which I setup as a hub for connecting myself as a mentors with small businesses wanting to gain more insight and advice in different areas of business.

I shared info on before and have been contemplating how I would use the opportunity, and this is how I best feel I can do help our organization and individual entrepreneurs. My intention is to also match those looking for a business mentor knowledgeable in the field of business with those willing to mentor; and to keep it in a structured process which will benefit both parties. If interested in being a mentor or being matched with one, send me an email so I can send you the details to setting up your own portal. I will then help promote it for you if you send me the Class Key needed for people to signup to your site.

The Classroom Is Not a Marketplace.
Nicenet’s Internet Classroom Assistant (ICA) allows virtually any classroom, even those with modest resources, access to powerful tools. Everything in Nicenet is offered free for public use, and Nicenet makes no profits from your participation.

Since January, 1998 a total of 1,261,108 users have used the ICA.

Lazone’s Mentorship Program
Class Key: ZZ73466E34


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