Ban the M-Word

By James Clingman Jr.

No, that�s not a typographical error. I mean the �M�-word. The M-word has the same effect as the other infamous word we are trying to eradicate and stop Black people from being called. So, as we work to wipe out the N-word, let�s also refrain from referring to Black people, or allowing others to refer to us, as �minorities.�

Now before you go off, and start finding excuses for subjugating and subordinating your people, and before you start your search for other references to Black people, let�s think about the M-word for a moment and see if it warrants banishment from our social and business lexicon……

James Clingman is an Adjunct Professor, Univ. of Cincinnati, Dept. of African American Studies on “Black Entrepreneurship”. He is the founder of the Greater Cincinnati African American Chamber of Commerce, served as its first Executive Director and President. Jim also writes a weekly syndicated newspaper column, Blackonomics, circulated via the National Newspaper Publishers Association. Watch for his column in your local newspaper. Jim also is the author of numerous books including the new book, Black O Knowledge. Contact him at P.O. Box 62642, Sharonville, OH 45262, (513) 489-4132 or visit his website at


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