Are You Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Succeed In Business?

By: Tim Knox

Ladies and gentleman, meet Mo, Larry, and Curly Entrepreneur. These fine fellows are here today to help answer the age old question: Why do some entrepreneurs achieve stellar success while others achieve only moderate success while still others fail in business miserably?

To level the playing field let’s pretend that each of our wily entrepreneurs all started their businesses on the exact same day, selling the exact same product at the exact same price.

Let’s also pretend that they started their businesses from identical locations, with the exact same resources and funding, and with the exact same opportunities and odds for success. Even when starting from the same place at the same point in time with the same resources and same opportunities, the results vary widely; some entrepreneurs succeed in an amazing way and others do not.

Why then does one entrepreneur, in this case Curly because he is my favorite Stooge, reach the stars while most Stooges never make it off the ground? Why does Curly get to give the crowd a “Woop, woop, woop!” while accepting the Chamber’s Small Business of the Year Award while Mo and Larry have to work as waiters at the event to help pay their bills?

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