The Unit

Only on TV can you experience a brother that can be in charge and have others who are actually willing to follow him and die on his orders into battle, or who’s followers are willing to die trying to save the person providing them leadership.

The challenges facing Black people worldwide is like an uphill battle. So much going wrong and spiraling out of control, and what’s so ironic is the wealth of education and capital we possess? So maybe we got off to a bad start and had the natural path to our existence altered, but thanks to individuals willing to put their lives on the line for their fellow, and to those willing to put their lives on line at a request,,, we benefit and prosper today.

Black America can get caught up before leaving the gate into battle just on who should walk through first. It seems whoever walk through first will then have to meet the wrath of skeptics and cynicism. Without the help of white America or other immigrants or ethnicities, Black America hinders itself by its thoughts and inactions.

There is nothing Tavis can tell any Black adult that have lives past 30 or any youth over 16 that they don’t know already as it related to the Black problem. And you can speak to a white person til you go pale and still will leave knowing this person ain’t a clue what you talkin about. Even if they could help in some other way, they are barraged with incoherent complaints and no suggestions or solutions. Some much for education teaching problem-solving skills.

Many people believe that they need large numbers to solve problems. Now ask yourself, would you really want a group of Black folks to be in charge of solving your problems? Some our staples of national leadership and problems are still spiraling out of control. Some are identified as icons in their community; all awhile severe poverty, inequity and joblessness inflict Black people. Now there’s a problem needing solving. Recently the Kansas Legislature voted to divest its state funds from Sudanese investments. And, no one more than Sonny Scroggins and his relentless pursuit on one problem at a time really influenced that decision. Let’s give props where props is due!

You know you never walked witht he brother, never financially supported the brother, and may have said a few choice words about him, but in a small way he will make an African couuntry or those companies doing business with them to rethink their strategies. I hope more US states follow suit. His single actions of leadership has helped millions of Africans. There are other examples whereas a single person or small group did more in a short tiime than a mass group of the most influencial did in a lifetime.

Of course the TV show is ‘The Unit”.

A unit operates to complete missons. There is leadership provided, the problem is clear, the solution is crafted among teams, and then actions are executed to complete the mission. On to the next mission.

Now, I have wrote a lot just to end up with some simplistic notion on problem solving the huge mountain of Black dysfunction. Which is where I’ll end. The problems faced demand ‘units’ to address them as if they are missions and their lives and those they love or care about truly depends on it. Education. Business creation. Jobs and training, are the key engines that build a people. All else seem sustain itself when these areas are working properly.


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