Challenges for Black Professionals to Reinvigorate Civil Rights Movement

“Black professionals in America would do well to remember first, that they are exceptions to the rule, and second, that they did not become successful on individual effort alone.

It literally took a village to get me where I am. And today, it still takes a village. To believe otherwise is to undervalue the sacrifices of the generations who came before us. Many black professionals currently enjoying great success are out of touch with reality if they believe that they have equal access to the American Dream.

Our ultimate mission is clear: We must shift the imbalance between haves and have-nots. We must close the disparities in education, health care, criminal justice, economic power and civic engagement.

This is not a call to arms – it is a call to minds and hearts – but the need to act is urgent. Beginning today, we must chart a new course and embark on a new, less dramatic civil rights march”