Black people have been exhorted to excellence by the best among us � Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, Marcus Garvey, W.E.B. DuBois, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Thurgood Marshall, and most recently, Tavis Smiley, bill Cosby and others. Why haven’t we made more progress? There is a nagging question that underlies much of the rhetoric — Do you REALLY want to be a part of the solution? What steps can we take today to act first in our self-interests?

Does it bother you as a Black person when you read these headlines?

  • The Digital Divide is still large with little more than 25% of Black homes connected to the Internet!
  • Unemployment among young Blacks is highest in the country!
  • Black online e-commerce lags all other minority groups!
  • 50 years after Brown v. Board of Education, there is still an Education Gap!

YOU can do something to address every one of these issues.

  • We have a 10 to 1 economic leverage within our own community. If Black people spent 1% of our $680 billion in disposable income with Black-owned businesses, we would help the Black owned businesses grow 10% � improving quality, creating jobs, supporting Black entrepreneurs and better education in our communities.
  • Excellence among Black providers can be found if we look beyond our noses, and use tools like the Internet to LOCATE, EVALUATE, and PARTICIPATE in the solutions offered by the iZania Online Directory of Black-owned businesses.
  • Networking among Blacks who are genuinely interested in helping each other can be easily achieved by visiting the iZania Networking Community. Stay tuned for upcoming improvements to make your networking experience easier and more effective.


  1. Visit iZania or one of our member sites every day.
  2. Visit your local school and volunteer for at least one project every year.
  3. Set aside ONE DOLLAR for spending with a Black-owned business. Keep that dollar set aside for acting in our self-interests.
  4. Connect with at least one other virtual Black Community member each week � to share information, to seek advice, to buy or sell goods and services.

DON�T BE FOOLED BY A CALL TO COLOR-BLIND QUALITY OR EQUALITY. This innocent ploy makes the gap wider, not narrower. We can find many examples of quality, excellence, and service in the VIRTUAL BLACK COMMUNITY � if we use the Internet to look beyond our noses.

These actions, although small, will connect us with others who are also committed to being a part of the solution. Problems that seem insurmountable, are resolved, and good news begins to replace bad news.

Let us hear from you about your good news stories.



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