Making of America – DvD

Atlanta, GA April 2007 — At Last! A film has been created that gives “credit to whom it is due.” This film gives credit to African Americans for the role they played in Making America the country it is today through the cotton industry. Hear and see the rest of the story, the other 85% of the untold story that has been left out of our modern history books. This brand new DVD tells the whole story.

Moments In History’s Founder Mary Thompson has recently produced a thrilling DVD. It is thirty eight minutes in length and thoroughly researched for this project. It was released on February 13, 2007 in front of hundreds of Daycare children in Atlanta Georgia for the purpose of giving our young ones a positive view of our African American heritage. Carter Woodson our “Father of Negro History Week” said that the Negro race has never been given any positive role in the making of American history. He devoted his entire life to making available the works and achievements of the Negro in America. This “Making of America” DVD takes up where Dr. Woodson left off. The project is dedicated in his honor.

The film makes a connection between the work done by slaves in the fields in the 1700-1800’s to our modern day here in 2007. The children left the banquet hall where they viewed the film walking much taller. The cost of the DVD is $10.00 and more info is available at

CONTACT: Marvin Thompson


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