Black Underdevelopment

Written by Ron Watkins
Friday, 23 June 2006

The path to eliminating poverty in Black communities is through the development of strategies and action plans to replace a culture of victimization and despair with a culture of entrepreneurship and opportunity. The economic success of any group is in direct proportion to the number of people in the group who think and act as entrepreneurs. If my observations and conclusions are correct, and there is an abundance of empirical and research data supporting this fact, much of which I cover in my new book, �Thinking Globally, Black Economic Development In The New World Order.� But wherever you are, you only have to look around you. The more economically successful your community or group is, the greater will be the number of people who behave like entrepreneurs. Individuals who possess the mind set, organization and management skills to perceive an opportunity, create an organization to pursue it, assemble the required resources, implement the plan, assume the risks and the rewards, all in a timely manner, thereby creating jobs and a higher standard of living for their communities.

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