Microenterprise Program Available

IBSA’s microenterprise training and development program targets low to moderate income persons eligible for WIA training services and planning to start or who currently are in business for themselves. It provides approximately 36 hours of business training and participants prepare a functional business plan, locate financing opportunities and participate in networking events. Additional mentoring is provided to program graduates to assist them develop their business venture.

Within this training and development program, IBSA provides business retention support such as:

*industry research,
*business leads,
*ongoing document preparation assistance,
*explaining policies and opportunities pertaining to M/W/DBE certification,
*identifying business/govt related vendor directories for bidding/procurement opportunities and assisting to register on them,
*referral to other business resources for specialized services or needs,
*developing Internet presence and using computer technology for strategic product/service marketing and promotional purposes

*IBSA is a Network Kansas and KCSourceLink Resource Partner that provides microenterprise training, business development and support services. Financial assistance is provided to obtain Women or Minority Business Enterprise Certification as needed.

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