Support IBSA’s Efforts Through eBay


When you buy and sell items on eBay, you can support IBSA, Inc.


Designate from 10-100 percent of your proceeds to the Youth/Adult Development Fund for IBSA.


Look for items benefiting non-profits (designated with the Giving Works icon) and then look for IBSA.

If you would like to buy or sell items resulting in a donation to IBSA, visit our IBSA Fund page on eBay Giving Works.

To accept online donations on behalf of worthy causes, eBay Giving Works is partnering with a non-profit service, Mission Fish, that uses innovative technology to help organizations like IBSA find efficient new sources of funding.

For more about giving to the Youth/Adult Development Fund for IBSA through eBay, visit


IBSA is a nonprofit organization that provides direct employment or career counseling, microenterprise training & development and facilitates courses involving specialized training and certification. Educational opportunities are provided in partnership with the Kansas Department of Commerce, the Workforce Partnership of Service Delivery Area III, Gatlin Education Services and other government agencies.

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