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ChipIn offers two systems for creating charity badges: one for the general public and one designed specifically for nonprofits.

While the public service requires you to collect funds via PayPal, ChipIn for Nonprofits also allows you to receive donations by check or direct deposit. If you choose the latter options, ChipIn will take a 3.9 percent of all proceeds in the form of an administrative fee. PayPal, by contrast, may retain anywhere from a 1.9 to 4.9 percent transaction fee of the total donations you receive. For more information on PayPal’s service charges, see its official fees page.

ChipIn’s public service allows individuals to give their charity badge a name, set a time limit for the fundraising campaign, and specify how much money they hope to raise. Badges can be created in one of five color schemes and in a number of different sizes. While all of the badges display the fundraising campaign’s title, ending date, and percentage of the total goal raised to date, the larger sizes include additional information, such as a meter visually depicting the money raised to date and a description of your cause.

Once you’ve created a ChipIn badge, you may choose a social networking or blogging platform where you wish to publish it. So if, for example, you want to place your charity badge on your MySpace page, you’d simply click the MySpace link to generate the badge’s HTML code, then follow ChipIn’s instructions to embed it in your profile. You’ll also find an option for generating badge code for your own Web site; if you don’t have your own site, ChipIn will allow you to host it on its site free of charge.

In addition to offering more fund-collection choices than its public service, ChipIn for Nonprofits also allows for a greater degree of badge customization than its public service. For instance, ChipIn for Nonprofits lets organizations add photos and graphics to their badges, change the badge’s color scheme to match their Web site, and link to videos related to the cause they’re supporting.

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