Doing business with Clark Construction

Here is the information that is needed to be considered for subcontracting opportunities with Clark Construction. Clark is responsible for much of the new home construction at Ft. Leavenworth.

Begin registration here:

Company Information

  • Company Name, Legaland Mailing address(es), and Contact Information
  • Federal ID & Duns Number (if applicable)
  • Business Type, Year Founded, and State of Incorporation (if applicable)
  • Officers of the company and length of service
  • Trades your company performs
  • Business Classification – Certifying Agency,Certification Number, Expiration Date


  • State licensed in, trades performed, license number (if applicable)

Work Experience

  • How many people does your firm presently employ?
  • Note: Yes answers to the following questions require an explanation
    • Has your surety ever finished one or more of you construction projects?
    • Has your Company ever petitioned for bankruptcy, failed in a business endeavor, defaulted or been terminated on a contract?
    • Has your Company ever been disbarred or precluded from bidding public work?
    • Has any entity ever made a claim in a court of law, against your Company for defective, improper or nonconforming work, or for failing to comply with warranty obligations?
    • Are there any outstanding Judgments or Claims against your Company?
    • Has any entity made a claim in a court of law, against your Company for failing to make payments to that or any other entity?
  • Number of contracts completed in the last five years
  • Largest contract company has complete – Name of project, Amount, Scope of Work
  • Largest contract you expect to complete this year – Name of project, Amount, Scope of Work

Financial Info

  • Revenue & Projects – Previous year and projected for this year
  • Backlog – Current & 12 months ago
  • Current net worth and net working capitol
  • Bank credit line – Credit Limit & % in Use
  • Bonding Capacity � Aggregate & Per Project
  • Profitability of the last five years

Work Experience

  • Has your company worked for Clark in the past (provide details)
  • Is your company currently working on the Clark project (provide details)
  • Top five (5) current major projects – Project Name, Location, Owner, Architect/Engineer, Prime Contractor, Contact, Phone, Contract Amount, Completion date


  • Major Suppliers (3) – Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Phone
  • Prime Contractors (3) – Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Phone
  • Banking (3) – Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Phone
  • Surety (not broker/agent) – Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Phone


  • Safety Coordinator – Name, Title, Phone, Qualifications/Experience
  • Substance Abuse Screening – Pre Hire, For Cause, Post Accident, Random
  • Safety Training – Employee initiation, Supervisors, Managers, Tool Box Meetings
  • Workers Compensation experience modification over the last five years
  • OSHA Recordable Incident Rate, OSHA violations, and fatalities over the last five years

Frequently asked questions

1. Who needs to fill out these forms?

– Subcontractors and Suppliers that want to participate in receiving Invitations to Bid (ITB�s) on upcoming projects.
– Clark may require in lieu of supplying a Performance and Payment Bond.
– Clark encourages all subs and suppliers to fill out these forms to be considered for award.

2. Why do I have to fill out this information? I�ve worked for Clark in the past and never had to do this before?

Our Sureties are now requiring this information from us.

3. What if I am a foreign company and don�t have a Federal ID number?

You should have a D&B #, use that in the place of Federal ID number. You will also be asked for the D&B # further down in the form just put it in again.

4. If I do work in multiple trades how do I identify?

Hold the Ctrl Key and highlight each division. All of the trades that pertain to those divisions will be listed. Check all the items that pertain to your company.

5. What does business classification mean?

If you are a Small Business you may be considered a Disadvantaged, Women, Small, Disabled Veteran and HubZone Small Business Enterprise.

6. What does Certifying Agency mean?

Certifying Agency is the Agency that certified your company as a Small Business, Small Disadvantaged Business, Woman Owned Small Business, Veteran Owned Small Business, Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, or HubZone Small Business. i.e. SBA (Small Business Administration; MWAA (Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority), Caltrans (California Transportation Authority), DOT (Department of Transportation), etc.

7. What do I do when I complete My Company Information Form?

Click on Submit and it will take you to the main screen where you can create a new Subcontractor Qualification Form

8. What information do I need to fill out the Subcontractor Qualification Form?

Click on the button that says Checklist � all the information you need is there. This is quite lengthy; we suggest you gather all the info first then start putting it into the system.

9. Should I save the information periodically?

You can click on the �Save As A Draft� button located in the upper right corner of the form at any time to save your progress.

10. What do the red asterisks mean by certain fields?

Indicates that this is a required field and needs input. If there is information your company doesn�t like to give out you need to put something in that field and then in the comments field at the top of the page indicate why you are not filling this out. Otherwise you will not be able to submit this form.

11. If a license is not required in my state what do I do?

This is a required field and needs input. If your company is not required to have a license number, highlight the State you do business in. Type the trades performed. In the License Number field type in N/A. If you have licenses in multiple states you are required to put in a license number for each state where it pertains.

12. When can I Submit the Qualification Form?

You can only Submit a form when all required fields have been filled out. An officer of the company needs to certify the accuracy of the information. If you have incomplete items a list will pop up letting you know what has been missed.

13. What happens if I do not receive the Subcontractor/Supplier Qualification renewal e-mail or I accidentally delete the email that has been sent ?

If you are working on a project a hold will be placed on your check until you renew your form. However, someone at the project or in purchasing will call you 30 days prior to this occurring so there is no delay in receiving your payment.

14. How often do I have to submit a Subcontractor/Supplier Qualification Form?

You will be required to renew this form annually. You will receive an e-mail 30 days prior to your annual submission due date along with a link that takes you to database. You will not be required to resubmit the entire form only certain fields. Do not create a new Subcontractor Qualification Form.

15. Can I update My Company Information Form?

We encourage you to update your Company Information Form frequently. Especially if your e-mail has changed, your company moved or management has changed.

16. Is there a limit to how many users can register for my company?

A company can have multiple users. The system recognizes the Federal ID number as the common denominator for a company.

17. If I need help what do I do?

Just click on the �Ask for Help� button type in your problem and someone will respond quickly.

18. What happens if I do not have a bonding company?

In the Surety Broker Agent field type in N/A. In the Bonding Comments let us know that you don�t have a bonding company.

19. What do I do if my bonding company is not listed?

In the field that says select your surety highlight �Other� and in the comments field type in the name of your bonding company.

20. How do I view the bonding companies?

In the field that says select your surety there is a list of companies in alpha order, place your mouse on the arrow key to your right and scroll down till your company appears.

21. What happens after I submit my Qualification form?

– Your form is reviewed by Purchasing, Risk Management and Estimating. If any of these departments have questions about your answers they will call or e-mail you directly.

– Your company will be automatically placed on our qualified vendors list and you will receive Invitation to Bids (ITB�s) via e-mail. If you are interested in bidding a project, follow the instructions provided on the ITB as to how to respond.

– Every year thereafter 30 days prior to your anniversary date you will receive an e-mail reminding you to update your form.

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