HUD Subcontracting contact info for Kansas

The following list of prime contractors does not include all HUD prime contracts; only those M&M contractors that have been identified as having the potential for offering subcontracting opportunities.

Please Note: The contact information on this page is intended to provide a point-of-contact to those vendors who are interested in pursuing possible subcontracting opportunites with HUD’s current M&M contractors.

Denver HOC Area DC –
Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma
Contract #C-DEN-01906
Pyramid Real Estate Services, LLC
4500 S. Garnett,
Suite 250
Tusla, OK 74146
Ms. Reba Helm
Contract Manager
Telephone: 918-660-0800
Fax: 918-359-7601
Web Site:


Public Housing Authority (PHA) Contracting Opportunities
HUD provides significant amounts of funding to Public and Indian Housing Agencies for construction work (both new and renovation) and for management improvement activities. Much of this work is performed by private contractors. Interested contractors should contact local housing authorities directly for information concerning their current and planned contracting opportunities.

KS001 Kansas City, KS
Phone: (913)281-3300
Fax: (913)279-3428
1124 N 9th Street
Kansas City
KS 66101

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