Wal-Mart Foundation

Wal-Mart Foundation Community Grants

Wal-Mart has a longstanding commitment to making an impact in the communities we serve. Wal-Mart�s founder, Sam Walton, introduced the philosophy, �operate globally, give back locally.�

The Wal-Mart Foundation today continues to support local, state and national organizations that provide opportunities for individuals and families to live better. Beginning this year, we will encourage store and club giving to align with the Foundation�s four areas of focus: Education, Health, Job Skills Training and Sustainability.

This year we are introducing a number of changes in our local funding programs. These changes are designed primarily to enhance the impact of our giving in the communities we serve.

To learn more about requesting a grant from your local Wal-Mart or Sam�s Club, please contact the Community Involvement Coordinator at the Wal-Mart or Sam�s Club location closest to you.


State Giving: https://stategiving.wal-mart.com/