KCK Author Promotes New Book: Now Will You Serve Me?

Now Will You Serve Me?
A Collection of Inspirational Reflections for Your Life Journey

This book developed from my writing the first poem titled� Now Will You Serve Me?, after my husband and I endured a traumatic experience with our neighbors. As we were going through that ordeal, I stated to my husband ” God is not happy with us”,-“We are not serving him wholeheartedly”.

We developed a routine – making excuses not to attend church, while focusing on worldly issues and material things. As we waited on an answer to our prayers, we were directed by God immediately to a new church home. Praise God!!!

While at this church, I had the opportunity to read this poem to my former Pastor’s wife and she was so moved by it, that she strongly suggested that I compile a book. Shortly after, my former Pastor allowed me to recite my inspirational poems to the congregation every Sunday. The congregation embraced me with tremendous support, encouragement and love.

I began to write a new poem every week based on life events and God’s anointing. At times, I would be driving down the highway on my way home from work, and I would get a thought that was so overwhelming that I was compelled to pull over and grab a piece of paper and start writing. I thank God for this gift!

I pray as you read the reflections in this book, you will be uplifted and encouraged to seek God to establish a deeper, closer relationship with him. I know God is real and he gives us the choice to serve him or not! If you choose wisely, you will never regret it and will be richly blessed. To God Be the Glory!!!

By: Brenda G. Williams

Visit: http://www.nowwillyouserveme.com/

Format ISBN


Color (8.5×8.5)

9781434356161 $12.00

Buy Now: http://www.authorhouse.com/BookStore/ItemDetail~bookid~47719.aspx


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