How often do you take advantage of Press Releases as a Marketing Strategy? A PR marketing strategy can be an important part of your overall marketing efforts for your business. Unfortunately, however, many small business owners overlook the power of the press release.

When you write a great press release, positioned properly, announcing a new service, new products, or a new direction, the better your chances that a reporter, news website, or other media representative will pick it up and run a story on you or your business.

It’s important to recognize that the media finds a large percentage of their story ideas on the Internet. Writing a good press release will answer the 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, When, and Why.

To catch the reader’s attention, though, so he will actually move on to reading the content, you need to think about your title. Have a strong headline that will immediately catch the eye and grab the attention of the journalist. Your headline serves a purpose other than just attracting the journalist. It will provide the reader the primary topic of your PR, and make it more searchable within a PR database. Therefore, it is important to have your keywords in the headline.

Remember that a press release is neither a sales letter nor an advertisement. Therefore, you shouldn’t write the press release in an attempt to sell your products or services. Your goal with your press releases is to educate the journalist in a way that answers the question they all have, “What’s in it for me?” If you can tell the journalist quickly and directly why they should be listening to you, they will then be willing to focus on what you have to offer, and share it with their targeted audience and readers.

Of course, press releases are only effective forms of marketing when they are properly distributed among media representatives. Therefore, the next time you release something newsworthy, submit it to online Press Release databases like these:

Writing a press release will help increase your link popularity, which is extremely helpful to any serious search engine optimization strategy. This is true because free press release distribution centers will typically allow you to identify some keywords for your press release. Increased link popularity will also drive more traffic to your website in addition to the favorable page ranking you’ll see through the SEO results. From a web strategy point of view, you may consider upgrading your account with Free Press Release Centers because your press release will then remain in their system forever, instead of only a limited time.

When you submit the keywords for your press release, make sure that the PR itself is also optimized with those keywords. Use the keywords that are most relevant to your website, services, products, books, etc. This will translate into more traffic because each time someone searches for information, your website will appear among the results as relevant to the topic. Visit website – a free service that will help you search for keywords and phrases related to your particular industry.

Embrace the power of writing Press Releases as a complete PR Marketing Strategy for your small business.

Robert Moment is an innovative, forward-thinking small business and marketing coach and author of Invisible Profits: The Power of Exceptional Customer Service


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