Give Us Trade; Not Aid

Like Africa, those who want to become self-sufficient are best served through processes that expends just as much effort in conducting trade, than it does aid.
You can give a person a fish or teach them how. It's up to the individual and the giver. Giving a person a fish is the easy, no-frill, expedient way but to teach one to fish takes a little more effort, compassion and technique. Some nonprofits that have been around for awhile know the differences. They have been sidelined to watch as other organizations received aid from government and individuals until no money was left and all the while, were scrapping to balance the little financial support they received to provide the services and activities other agencies ignored or have failed in.
Over the last 15 years, I have learned that it is best to have specialized skills and talents within an organization to offer a community; instead of merely relying on the graciousness and giving of a community. Doing business demands a certain level of meeting a performance standard; whereas solely giving money can be fulfilled by merely having an event or providing visibility or a tax-deduction.
Black Americans; like Africa, should not be satisfied with efforts that pacify us with 'aid' like benefits. The achievements of a people has always been gauged by the trade it does within its society and with those from elsewhere. China is best gauged by its trade 'deficit' with the U.S.; not that it's a communist nation.
As the world turned, technology passed many by. At best, most can only turn on a computer and do basic stuff and when problems arise they are at the mercy of companies that can easily prey on their ignorance, inability or lack of knowledge to fix their own computing problems. It gave way to companies like 'Geek Squad' which charges high to do basic work others don't know how to do or comprehend. Starting in 1993 I began to indulge in computers technology and operating systems along with classmates from Malaysia and other countries that understood upgrading, fixing and repairing systems was a key to the future.
Today, with many Internet threats from simply visiting the wrong website to opening the wrong email,,,, can stump even the junkyard dawgs of computer science. I must admit that one of my best decision was to become highly technologically literate.
From computer setup, systems suggestions, virus/malware/spyware/adware containment & removal, WiFi setup and configuration, peripheral suggestions/setup/troubleshooting, etc., I have learned myself, have encouraged others to learn and suggest we learn these skills because as technology continues to change; problems will appear.
If you are getting a new system for yourself, a relative, a child or children,,,, consider us when you run into a snag or problem. We can at-minimum provide you an assessment of what a problems is or suggest add-ons, peripherals or software; including upgrades. The fact of the matter is, we have expended a lot of time over the years inciting knowledge in technology that there is little that has ever stumped us over the last 12 years.
Before 'Geek Squad' we were learning both the web and operating systems. Now, we are in a position to offer a service that we can make affordable and our performance can be judged. Where else can your kid complete community service and you can get your computed upgraded at the same time?
Finally, if you are upgrading your computer to the point of getting a 'new' one, consider donating it to a nonprofit like IBSA.
As a tax-exempt organization we can provide you with some financial value that can be tax-deductible and save you a few dollars if you are one of the fortunate that actually pays taxes. We will repair it, upgrade it, and either use it for agency work of sell it to some low-income family that can use a good computer in the home. If you are looking for a decent computer for a young person in your life. let us know and we may be able to get you that starter-system or a 'Cadillac' computer system that is affordable and comes with a better service package than anything a BigBox retailer can provide. Profit is not our motive; raising operating revenue is!
Over the last 5 years we have built over 200 webpages for small minority businesses in Kansas; most of them owned by Hispanic and Women owned businesses. We have delivered hundreds of email notifications of contracting and networking opportunities, and have registered even more on both govt and private company vendor databases as a service we can provide. It's not always about advocacy, providing programs or having special events, but it is just as important we can provide services of the times; if we are to move forward and be of value to the Black community.
Services we have successfully provided for fee consist of:
Research; Legal/Policy/Statistical
Web Design, Development, Maintenance,
Document Preparation; Microsoft, Adobe, Other,,,
Email Marketing, Website Promotion,
Bid Package Assistance,
Compiling documentation for certification filings,
Facilitating training and certification opportunities,
Contract Brokering/Negotiation
Our organization invites you to treat us as a business partner and not a recipient of aid, public welfare, or a charity case. For more information you can contact us at: or by calling us at 785-232-4272
"We have acted boldly, bravely, and above all, together." "That is the chance our new beginning now offers us, and that is the challenge we must rise to in the days to come. It is time to act." -Barak Obama-

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