Become an Energy Auditor and make money during the Green Revolution

Wondering how you can cash in on the 'green job' revolution?

A good part of the stimulus dollars will be spent to train and certify individuals to conduct energy audits for both home and commercial properties. I have found information where you can order information to become certified to conduct these audits for a job, share the info for those interested or get trained, certified and go into business yourself.

Link: Click Here

Why Energy Audits?
There has never been a better time to get into the energy auditing and consulting business.
1.) Energy Audits thrive in a down economy
2.) Obama has directed billions in energy savings

Benefits of the Denby Energy Programs
1.) Start a new Career (or side-job) for less than $250
2.) Enjoy a business that helps save people money
3.) Perfect new business for a down economy
4.) Two different programs for different needs
5.) Strong, professionally crafted training,
marketing, and business materials

Our Comprehensive Energy Programs will enable you to have your own Energy business in as little as 2 weeks. Just complete these 3 easy steps:
1) Complete a Training Program
2) Get Your Denby Certification
3) Get Your Business Building Kit

We missed the boom, Housing boom and now is your chance to get in first on the growth in the energy business.

Good luck!


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