Making the most out of AdSense Online Resources

Whether you’re looking to add more ad units to your site, increase your revenue with optimization techniques, or learn more about AdSense in general, our online resources have plenty of information to help you. We’ve highlighted a few of our most useful resources below.

The AdSense Help Center: Instant answers

The AdSense Help Center provides you with comprehensive information about AdSense. Have a question about generating ad code or updating your address? The answers are all in our Help Center, where you can browse through topics on the homepage or use the search box at the top of each page.

The Help Center also offers a wide variety of demos and guides that can help you get started with AdSense, learn about our payments system, and troubleshoot common problems. If you’ve just joined AdSense, visit the Newbie Centralsection to learn all you need to know about setting up your account and your ads.

If you’re already familiar with most of AdSense, use the Help Center to learn more about advanced features and improving the performance of your Google ads. You can also visit our Success Stories page to learn how other publishers have used our optimization tips to improve their revenue.

The AdSense Help Forum is an online community where you can ask your AdSense questions and learn from other publishers. In addition, you can share your own AdSense knowledge, discuss your experience with the program, and provide feedback on features. Google representatives are on hand to provide help and review your feedback.

The Inside AdSense blog: The latest AdSense news

The Inside AdSense blog provides the latest news and tips from members of the AdSense team. You can use the blog’s labels to navigate to posts about specific topics you’re interested in.

For instance, we recommend visiting the Newbie label for information about getting started with the program, thePolicies label for answers to frequently asked policy questions, and the Optimization label for ways to increase your earnings. To ensure that you don’t miss a post, you can subscribe to receive posts via email.

The AdSense YouTube channel: Video tips and tutorials

Learn more about AdSense on our official YouTube channel, where you can watch instructional videos and hear fromexperienced publishers. If you’re just getting started with your AdSense account, we recommend watching our step-by-step tutorials on generating ad code and managing your existing ad units. You can also find videos explaining our top optimization tips, which can help you increase your AdSense earnings

If you’re a Twitter user, you can now follow the AdSense team on Twitter! Our “tweets” are a mix of fresh, bite-sized product news, optimization tips, interesting links, upcoming events, and possibly even pictures of our dogs.

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