Donate Your Clunker and Appliances to Charity

Do you or someone you know
have an old vehicle (clunker) that don’t run
or you want to get rid of?

Consider donating it to our organization!
You can drive it in or we can come and pick it up.

If it has any cash value, you can possibly take a tax deduction when you file your income taxes or
you will receive a statement for what we receive
when its crushed and recycled!

*Old appliances such as refrigerators, hot water heaters or air conditioners welcome.

Dealerships Are Encouraged to Participate

For more info call:

(913) 240-6247 (Program Coordinator)
(785) 422-0761 (Office Phone)

(Topeka Only)

IBSA, Inc. is a nonprofit 501 c.3 tax-exempt organization. Services include job readiness assistance, youth development activities, and business development and support services for construction-based small minority & disadvantaged business concerns. Visit us online at:

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