A Discussion on Kansas Regional Unemployment and Job Creation Strategies


The Challenge of the Green Economy

in the Urban Core Community

The World wants Black America to project success, but what we are really seeing every day is fewer Jobs and more Despair!

                 Economic                       Community                Human Resource
                 Development —————– Development ————-  Development
                   (defined)                         (defined)                     (defined)
                                  HUD – COPC Theory Based Modeling
                                    UMKC – Bloch School of Business

                                               Ellison/Michael Porter 
                            Economic Development Issues ICIC Harvard U.
                                Strategic Planning and SWOT Analyses
                                             in Target Communities 
                                           (Theory Based Modeling)
                                    Lazone Grays Program Logic Model 
                                (customized to specific local community)
                                           (Theory Based Modeling)
Urban Modeling/Models:
Urban Demonstration Laboratory Model:
                          #1                     Greater Cleveland, Ohio Prototype
                                        *Congressman Louis Stokes/UTC and NIST Partnership
                          #2        St. Louis, Mo./East St. Louis Demonstration (underway)
                          #3        Wyandotte-Leavenworth-Johnson County Urban Core
                                                        Communities with MARC Definitions
                                                        (target Community Applications and UDLM)
                                                        WyCo Unified Goverment Master Plan
                                                      – Workforce Development System
                                                      – Bi-State Empowerment Zones
                                                      – Public Housing – HOPE VI Initiatives
                                                      – Technology HUB Initiatives

The Seed CenterKC  
(Faith based "Safe Haven"  Initiative in the Weed and Seed Community)
The Pre-Employment and Training  Center Project

IBSA, Inc. – Lazone Grays Urban Change Models and Minority Unemployment Data
Quindaro Northeast Neighborhood Network – Community Planning and Neighborhood Participation
Safe Havens role in Unified Goverment Master Plan Follow up
* EOF Perspectives on the National Economic Stimulus directions of the Federal Government (or options)
Each panelist will make a five-six minutes presentation and then entertain question for the remainder of the hour.   It is anticipated that a strategy for Community Partnership planning and Capacity Building for 2010 will be identified by persons attending the session.   The NEDC "Unity In the Community" input and planning in 2010 is an anticipated next step direction for the Workshop participants.   The Workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Nolen M. Ellison, Board member of the Seed CenterKC.


WHERE:  Reardon Center 520 Minnesota, KCK  

WHEN:  4:00 pm Saturday, January 9th, 2010

For details See www.breakingthesilence.us  


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