Recycle Nation – Recycling Electronic Gadgets for a Cause

IBSA has involved itself in a new initiative created by Anyone can use it to get cash for their used electronics and donate to our charity. It is a great way to help nonprofits in an environmentally responsible way!

It’s a fast, easy, and practical way for you to sell or recycle consumer electronics. Gazelle gives an offer for any and all items in the many categories below.

They will only accept the items listed below, please do not send other items.

Camcorders, Digital Cameras, GPS Devices, MP3 Players, Cell Phones, Gaming Consoles, Laptops, Satellite Radios, External Hard Drives, Video Games, Movies, PDAs, Blu-Ray Players, Calculators, Streaming Media, Camera Lenses, Home Audio, Projectors

It only takes a couple minutes to find out what your stuff is worth, so get green and be green by clicking on the link below!

Thanks for helping our cause!


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