Promote your business product or service on our Facebook Group Page

Do you have a brick & morter storefront or sell a tangible product or services? Then we invite you to join our Facebook Group Page and market or promote yourself and your product or services. This is not for MLM opportunities.

We are rolling out a series of state online business directories to help locate Black and women owned businesses on a localized level. With the Internet growing so huge, getting found in the fray can be a daunting task. We are asked by local government procurement officers and corporate buyer "where are the Black busineses"?

If they have diversity goals and want to expand their contracting out to these firms, there’s a few things we have to do in order to get onto their radar. Our US Small Business Directory is one means we are helping. There is no fee to join our US Small Business Directory Facebook Group Page to market and promote yourself, but to be in the actual directory there is a annual fee. I structured and programmed the site myself and used all the knowledge I knew to assure it is search engine friendly for Google, and our own internal search engine cut your business out of the thousands or millions of results during a search.

So, come join us on Facebook and get started.

US Small Business Directory Facebook Group Page

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