ReThink Energy Contractor Request

To All Kansas City Area Contractors and Home Performance Professionals,
January 27, 2011
ReThink Energy, Inc. is a non-profit community-based firm in Kansas City, KS. Its primary objective is to find innovative approaches to the area’s most pressing energy and environmental problems. One of ReThink’s initiatives is to offer 7-week Energy Tech training courses to prepare a workforce for contractors and businesses that perform energy efficiency measures.

Our pilot Energy Tech program is designed to train 15 former (non-violent) felons from Wyandotte County who have been screened and selected for a high probability of success in the construction/ home performance industry. Benefits to employers who hire these graduates include free federal bonding of $5000 each and tax incentives of $2400 per employee hired.

The Kansas Department of Commerce along with Workforce Partnership have agreed to fund this training if there is enough interest from local employers to consider hiring completers of this course.

If your business will likely be hiring in the next six months

the types of positions for which the well-trained Energy Tech completers

would qualify, and if you would consider giving these motivated graduates

an opportunity to excel as a part of your team, you can help

ensure that this important training program happens.

This is not a request for you to commit to hire anyone, only that your business will give program completers consideration for any open positions you might have in the coming months. Even more persuasive would be an acknowledgement that completing this program will give participants a competitive advantage over other candidates.

As former trainers of Energy Auditors, contractors and BPI professionals, the ReThink Energy staff understands the workforce demands facing home performance professionals in a fast-evolving industry. The Energy Tech course was designed to help meet those needs, to bring more highly-trained workers into the green construction movement, and to inspire and influence more home and business owners to demand energy efficient homes and buildings of their own.

Energy Tech Training Curriculum Building Science Training Attic, Wall & Basement Insulations Building Diagnostics & Auditing Intros to Basics of HVAC, Plumbing, Weatherization Crew Training Electricity, Solar & New Construction Minor Construction Skills On-site Counseling

If you can participate, please respond to this letter with a brief statement including the following information: Your company name, # of (related) jobs you might be filling in next six months, a commitment to consider hiring Energy Tech grads, contact information and any remarks. Send your statement of interest/ support to ReThinkEnergy

Thank you,

Shery Greene, Director


EETCKC | 2052 North 3rd Street | Kansas City | KS | 66101


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