Man School Open House

Hello Friends and Colleagues,

When I last contacted many of you, I wrote about the Man School program and sent along an overview and other information. Many of you again passed this information on to others, and by doing so you helped to make the Man School summer pilot an overwhelming success! With the pilot now behind us, we want to carry through with this momentum as we eagerly prepare for the full program initiating this Fall. To this end, one of the events we are utilizing to carry this energy and momentum forward is the Man School Open House.

The Man School Open House will be held on Tuesday, August 9th from 5:00 PM until 7:00 PM at Highland Park High School. This is an opportunity for anyone interested to learn about the program, enroll in the program, gain program materials, meet program staff, and meet CASE board members. Additionally, we will have light refreshments served. The Fall 2011 session of Man School begins on Tuesday, August 23rd, also at Highland Park High School. It is not mandatory to attend the Open House in order to participate in the program, but we encourage those interested to attend and get things rolling early.

I have again attached an overview of the program for your information. If any of you know of some young men who would be good potential candidates for Man School, or have additional questions or comments, feel free to either contact me at the information listed below, or the Man School’s Program Director, Daniel Rich, at either danielrich80.

Although it’s a work in progress, feel free to use CASE’s website as an informational reference at

Thank you all for helping to make the Man School program successful!


Keith M. Tatum
President, CASE Inc.

What is the Man School Program.doc