Kansas Driver’s License Status Online

Kansas drivers can now check their driver’s license status online

TOPEKA – Kansas drivers now have a quick online option to check the status of their driver’s license.

Kansas Department of Revenue’s Division of Vehicles has created an online feature that will allow drivers to check if their license is suspended, restricted, expired, revoked or valid from the department’s website.

“The online option means drivers can quickly find out if they can drive again anytime of day without dealing with busy phone lines or long waits to speak with someone,” said Director of Vehicles Donna Shelite.

To check their status online, a person will need to provide their Kansas driver’s license number, name and date of birth. The status database will update every evening Monday through Friday.

The report generated by the application will also give drivers a link to order their Kansas driving record.

The feature can be found at www.ksrevenue.org in the vehicles section.