A FreeCycle Event in Northeast KCK

A primary objective of ReThink Energy, Inc., a norheast KCK community-based organization, is to inform and motivate residents around principles of conservation, efficiency and sustainability. When possible, we like to provide practical demonstrations.

A current project is the organization of a FreeCycle Event to promote the reduction of household waste, the re-use or sharing of good usable items, and re-cycling. The FreeCycle is somewhat like a swap meet – with a message! (see attached flyer).

You are invited to participate, but mostly I wanted to make you (energy & environmental professionals) aware of the event and to ask for any ideas you may have on how to optimally communicate these vital messages. We intend to show The Story of Stuff at the FreeCycle, and to sign-up folks who want recycling bins. We’ll use signs and flyers about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. Any other ideas?

This first Recycling event is this Saturday, 9/24/11. During this week, participants will continue to bring one or more usable items to ReThink offices at the Turner House, 3rd & Stewart, KCK. Feel free to drop by, and if you have information, posters, ideas to help illuminate these principles, please share them, or If you want to volunteer. I can be reached via email or at 913-660-4966.

Thank you,

Shery Greene
ReThinkEnergy, Inc.
2052 N. 3rd St, KCK 66101

FreeCycle Event Flyer.pdf