Google Fiber Launches in KC

It’s official—Google Fiber has launched in Kansas City! After months of building our Fiber infrastructure in Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO we are ready to connect Kansas Citians to Google Fiber’s ultra-fast Internet and crystal clear HDTV.

Google Fiber is different—and getting it is different too. If you’re in Kansas CIty and you’d like to connect your home to Google Fiber, you first need to pre-register at and pay a $10 fee. Doing that lets us know which areas are most excited about it. So, join up and make sure your neighbors do, too. Pre-registering matters—if your fiberhood doesn’t reach its goal by September 9,

you will not be able to get Fiber.

To learn more about Google Fiber and to pre-register today, please visit or visit us at the Fiber Space located at
1814 Westport Road, KC, MO

See you soon. The Google Fiber Team