Teens – How to Copyright Songs, Poetry, and Much More

Teens, learn How to Copyright Songs, Poetry, and Much More!!!

3rd Thursday

Nov 15, 2012

YMCA’s Red Room
900 N. 18th St.

Kansas City, Kansas
6 pm!!

Targeted Teens:

Struggling with self-esteem
Express themselves through talent

Those that need to gain communication & performance skills

Last time was great! We had teens share their talent, discuss important issues, and most importantly had FUN!! THIS TIME, youth that perform will enter into a raffle to receive a prize at the end of the night!

Invite… *Church Youth Groups* *School Clubs & Organizations* *Youth Non Profits*

Youth City Network

(913) 991 7606

"Self Respect, The Starting Point"


"Our plan is to cultivate an optimistic lifestyle for teenagers by promoting health awareness, self-empowerment, community service, higher education and self-expression to move forward with a better perspective on life.