World Wide FlashMob: Dance for Kindness Topeka

WORLDWIDE FLASHMOB: Dance for Kindness
Topeka, KS – November 18th, 2012

Life Vest Inside is part of the World Kindness Movement and is organizing a World Wide FlashMob: Dance for Kindness on November 18th as part of the Global Celebrations that take place during World Kindness Week. This event will take place on the same day, to the same song and dance in Countries across the Globe: from the US to Australia, Chile to India, London to Canada and more countries joining the event daily.

Life Vest Inside is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading kindness, empowering people, and building self-esteem and self-value. Life Vest Inside seeks to utilize the power of kindness to empower individuals with the strength and self-esteem needed to rise with dignity to their utmost potential.

The purpose of World Kindness Day is to look beyond ourselves, beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond our culture, our race, our religion; and realize we are citizens of the world.

To some, the world is filled with war, hatred, violence and hopelessness but we firmly believe that we have the power to fill this world with kindness, trust, hope and love.

The goal of Dance for Kindness is to promote kindness, human interaction and to help increase people’s awareness and sensitivity to others. The event will involve a group of people coming together to inspire and instill kindness, love and respect in the hearts of viewers. The event is not solely about inspiration but taking that inspiration and turning it into action. After the performance, acts of kindness cards will be distributed in each location to illustrate that kindness can create a ripple effect whose reach has no boundaries. The effect of the dance doesn’t end with the day but rather continues to live on through the video montage that will be created showcasing the Countries around the Globe raising their Hands for Kindness.

Our motto – Simple! “Never doubt that a small group of Committed DANCERS can Change the World, indeed it’s the only thing that ever has. One Day, One Dance, One Heart!

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