KCK Startup Village Growing in KCK

KCK Startup Village Growing in KCK

The KC Startup Village aims to create a dense community of startups located close to one another. A close proximity of startups creates density, which in turn allows the serendipitous collision of ideas and skills to occur, in turn mobilizes ideas and initiatives. Furthermore, the KCSV is lead by entrepreneurs within the community, for they know the startup scene in their community better than anyone else and they lead it with their passion and enthusiasm.

The KCSV will initially include the KCK neighborhoods of Hanover Heights, Sprint Valley, Frank Rushton and the Missouri neighborhoods of West Plaza North and West Plaza South with a plan to slowly expand into surrounding areas. The reasons for basing the KCSV in these neighborhoods includes:

  • There are already close to ten startups located in the area with more interested in relocating.
  • The first Homes For Hackers house is located in Spring Valley.
  • Google selected Hanover Heights as the first to receive its first fiberhood, nationally.
  • There is room for additional startups in both low cost low rise commercial and residential spaces.
  • The neighborhoods are positioned right on State Line Road, allowing for startups to base themselves in either state, Kansas or Missouri, depending on their needs and situations.

The KCSV was started by entrepreneurs in the community and will continue to be lead by

entrepreneurs within the community. This grassroots initiative is unrestricted by financial gains.

Having a condensed community of startups in Kansas City will help secure its position within the American startup scene. Cities such as San Francisco, Boulder, AustIn, Omaha, New York and Boston have already created successful startup communities.

Homes for Hackers is an important part of the Startup Village. It attracts computer programmers and startups from other cities with a three month rent-free stay in a Google Fiber connected home. The homes are provided by generous homeowners who connect these startups with ways to promote and support their ideas. The goal is to propel these tech startups by encouraging and nurturing their initiatives and to grow and diversify the business scene in Kansas City and beyond as they become online companies.

Startup Village Gets National News Coverage

The Kansas City Startup Village located in Kansas City, Kansas has received a great deal ofCNN Interview local and national news coverage lately. A CNN production crew from the Anderson Cooper 360 program was in town today to tape interviews with the CEO of Leap2, Mike Farmer.

Mayor Joe Reardon was also interviewed for the program, which is scheduled to air this Thursday, at 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. eastern time; 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Central Time (KC). Commissioners Ann Murguia, Angela Markley, and Mike Kane were also present today at what appears to be one of the most popular homes in Kansas City at the moment.

The KC Startup Village is an entrepreneur-led, organic, grassroots initiative helping to bolster a startup of small businesses with connections to high speed Google Fiber. Visit thewww.kcstartupvillage.org website for more information.

Reardon, Markley, and Murguia talk to KCSV residents