University of Missouri System’s Advocacy-Mentoring Program

This message and an application will be sent to potential candidates for the program.

The University of Missouri is in the process of identifying potential candidates for its high profile Advocacy-Mentoring program, class of 2013.

The class will start officially on July 1 The Program started initially in 2009; since its inception, two classes have graduated, each serving an 18 month term. One of the highlights of the program, a best practice, is the triad model on which it is structured.

Owners and principals of small M/WBE mentee firms – architecture, engineering, construction, distributors and suppliers- are matched with mentors from large firms whose scope of work or discipline is similar to that of the mentee firms, and who have successfully competed for projects at the University of Missouri. Each team or triad is led by a university team leader, a key decision maker from the four- campus system of the University of Missouri.

The curriculum and activities in the Advocacy-Mentoring program are tailored to meet the needs and goals of the M/WBE mentee firms. Each triad or team has its own meeting schedule; however, the entire group of mentees, mentors, and university team leaders meet at UM-Columbia for a spring and a fall conference. Also, program participants are invited as guests of the university to the President’s suite for specific football and basket games.

The primary goals of the Advocacy-Mentoring program include the following:

* Strengthen the core business competencies – marketing, communications, technology, finance & accounting, human resources – of small M/WBE firms so they can grow and become more competitive

* Build relationships and network with key decision makers in large firms as well as design and construction and procurement at the University of Missouri

* Share knowledge, experiences, and learn from one another

* Advocate and promote M/WBE mentee firms

The benefits to the M/WBE mentee firms in the Advocacy-Mentoring program

* Strengthening core business competencies for growing and managing one’s firm successfully

* Networking and building relationships with large and small firms as well as key decision makers at the University of Missouri

* Sharing experiences and learning from other entrepreneurs in the program

* Learning from University of Missouri subject matter experts, faculty, and 2nd year MBA students in the business schools at the university

* Learning from large, experienced firms within the mentees scope
of work or discipline

* No cost to the mentees for participation in the Program

* Program is designed to meet the needs and goals of the mentees

After the applications have been received by my office, the screening committee will review the applications and accompanying documents, select mentees for phone interviews and make final selection decisions.

Additional information about the program may be obtained on my web page; in the meantime, please call me if you have questions about the program.

Jacqueline Hall Kelly, Ph.D.
Director, Minority Business Development
University of Missouri System
1105 Carrie Francke Drive 109D
Columbia, MO 65211
1 (573) 882-2707