FREE On-line Course on Self-Employment

Please contact Janet Steveley directly if you are interested. Her contact info is at the end of this message. She will need to register you for the course. Thanks! shelly

This email is to let you know that we are offering a free, on-line course on Customized Self-Employment to interested individuals with developmental disabilities, their family members and providers in Kansas.

The Course is divided into five classes:

1. Introduction

2. Discovering Personal Genius

3. Feasibility, Marketing, and Sales

4. Business Plan Development

5. Financial and Benefits Planning

It is an on-line, self-paced course that you can take at your leisure. I would say that most of the courses will take about an hour to complete (though the fifth one on Financials and Benefits Planning is longer). For a demo of the course, click the following link:

If you attended the Immersion Training, this course may be an ideal way to help “catch up” other team members who were not able to attend. IF you have people interested, please send me the following information by the end of next week:


There are a limited number of free courses and we will give priority to those who were unable to attend the training in November, but if you attended the training, and would still like to take the on-line course, let me know. Please only send names of those who are serious and committed to completing the course. The course regularly cost $180, so we want to make sure they go to people who will use them!

Once I submit a list of names, I will submit them and you will receive an email with a “token” that will allow you to register for the class for free. Just follow the instructions on the site. We do ask that people requesting the course register and start the course within two weeks. That way if there are difficulties with registering, we can help work it out.

Thanks! And please call or email if you have questions!


Janet Steveley, Senior Consultant
Griffin0-Hammis Associates