Be a Part of Transforming Juniper Gardens in KCK

Juniper Gardens is the largest and oldest public housing project in Kansas

City, Kansas. It is home to approximately 1,000 people; a majority of whom

are under 18 years old. The median income in their neighborhood is half
that of the rest of Kansas – and the crime rate is four times the national
average. It is also home to many recent refugees who have come from

troubled regions of the world to find a new life in the United States.

Connecting for Good is installing a large mesh network at Juniper Gardens

that will bring free broadband Internet into the homes of every resident
there. Our Wi-Fi network will reach into all 390 units, covering an area the
size of four city blocks.

Why are we doing this? We believe connectivity equals opportunity!

The ability to access the Internet means that teens can use their KCK

School District laptops to connect with their schools and do their
homework. This means they will be prepared for a much brighter future
in the digital age in which we live.

Adults can further their education, search for employment and access
social services and important health information. There is even a new
initiative with a local grocery chain that will allow residents of Juniper
Gardens to use their food stamp cards to shop for groceries online and

and have them delivered a few days later.

Basically, a whole new world of opportunity and possibility opens up
to low income people when they are able to become productive users
of the Internet.

To make sure this happens, we are offering Internet-ready refurbished
laptop computers to families at Juniper Gardens for just $50. With
them, we are providing digital life skills training sessions on-site that

will teach basics like using e-mail and web search, along with using the
Internet to find employment and educational opportunities.

When completed, the Juniper Gardens Wi-Fi network will cover nearly four city blocks
and reach into 40 buildings, bringing free in-home Internet to 1,000 residents.


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Michael Liimatta, President & Co-founder

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